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Super Cars

Unrealized Super Cars That Never Hit the Streets

Image Source: Glebiy / Shutterstock

Despite what it seems like, creating a car is an immensely tough task. Major companies like Ford, Honda, and Volkswagen Group invest hundreds of millions of dollars annually just in their design departments. When it comes to supercars, being a niche product, designing and producing them is even more challenging. Interestingly, some of the most remarkable supercars and hypercars that have made it to the market are actually sold at a loss, despite their high price tags ranging from hundreds of thousands to several million dollars.

At times, manufacturers have to make tough decisions based on market feedback and other considerations, leading them to shelve projects that might not sell well or that could potentially be financially risky for the company. These cars are often put away in storage, at various stages of development, essentially forgotten.

However, there are instances where some cars, though not financially viable, have influenced later successful supercars. Today, we’ll delve into three supercars that were abandoned during their design phase but set the stage for future successful supercars.

Back in the 1960s, after being turned down by Enzo Ferrari in their attempt to acquire the company, Ford Motor Company brought to life one of the most incredible supercars of its time: the original Ford GT40. It marked a significant moment, serving as both a bold statement to Ferrari and a demonstration of what can be achieved when the right minds lead the right departments to create an exceptionally fast and stunning car.

In a surprising reveal on October 24, 2017, the Apollo Intensa Emozione was unveiled. This hypercar aimed to exude a sense of speed and intensity even while stationary. Departing from its Audi roots, this car is powered by a Ferrari 6.3L F140FE V12 engine generating a jaw-dropping 780 horsepower.

If the engine specifications sound familiar, it’s because this engine is the same one used in the Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar – albeit in the Intensa Emozione, some tweaks were made, a few exhaust baffles were removed, and it was let loose to produce its distinctive and spectacular roar.

Only 10 Apollo Intensa Emozione cars are slated for production, and all units have already been sold. Due to the global pandemic, half of them are yet to be assembled, but production has resumed, with Apollo hinting at another model in the pipeline!

Image Source: Glebiy / Shutterstock

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