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The DS 3 Crossback Leads The Market With Rotating Headlights And 30 Miles Of Charge

Image Source: Grzegorz Czapski / Shutterstock

It’s been a couple of years now since the French conglomerate split up to create DS automobile as a stand-alone entity, effectively concentrating on premium cars. The focus to build premium cars follows only one line of thought; to cash in on this high-end market segment.

Looking back at the performance of the few cars that the DS outfit has brought around so far, it is evident that this was a timely idea. The DS 7 Crossback comes with renewed hope that it will elevate the brand a notch higher.

This the outfits the first model to be built exclusively from the ground up thus increasing hope that it will turn around the fortunes of the company. One of the outstanding characteristics is the application of technology on this compact SUV.

The top trim in this class, for instance, it comes with a suspension that adapts the dampers to appropriately cater for the road status ahead as predicted by the windscreen camera.

The headlights too are in a class of their own. Each headlight lamp incorporates three LED blocks that are ice-cube shaped make some dancing moves each time you unlock the car.

Two other tech incorporations that set it apart from rivals is night vision and a rather advanced motorway driving system. The DS Crossback is cutting a niche for itself by becoming a pioneer in a couple of interesting areas.

If the 4×4 plug-in version scheduled for introduction in later in 2019, brings what it promises, then good times are ahead. The hybrid aims to utilize both petrol and e-power to accumulate an impressive 300bhp. The battery should ride at least 30 miles on the charge. This is indeed the making of a revolutionary but very promising product.


Image Source: Grzegorz Czapski / Shutterstock

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