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The All-New Luxurious Hyundai Essentia Is Now In America

Image Source: Pixabay

We’ve seen how much and how far technology can change our planet. But, clearly, we’ve not seen it all. So much more is being created and there is an incessant demand to fulfill a defiant internal human desire of making life as comfortable as possible.

As far as the auto industry is concerned, the rate at which creatives are putting to give us different tastes is not just amazing but also breathtaking. Hyundai created the Genesis back in 2015, aiming to make it a car that can ably compete with more established luxury brands such as Mercedes and BMW.

And now, the company has found it necessary to make it an all-electric, luxury car and produce just a few of them. They will be coming to the market by around 2021 or 2022 and executives at the Korean firm have reiterated that this is beyond a concept car. It will indeed come on our roads.

It hasn’t been specified how much the Genesis(now re-branded the Genesis Essentia) but we know for now that even the battery configuration will be different from the popular systems. In addition, this car will have glass and carbon fiber material making part of its body parts.

The interior is accentuated with plenty of 3D printed components, which are lighter and stronger than their conventional offerings. Riding with a fashion tide the Essential has “Cognac” brown leather seats and an Oxford Blue themed console leather.

Passengers access their Cognac leather seats via butterfly doors, although executives have hinted that these doors might not necessarily make it of production mills. In the auto market, there is always something for everyone, as long as you keep searching in the right places.

For the Essentia, it has indeed entered the essential part of its life which is characterized by lots of specificity and class.

Image Source: Pixabay

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