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Introducing The Legendary Chiron By Bugatti Sur Mesure

Image Source: Mr . Crocodile / Shutterstock

Jean Bugatti was a true maestro in the art of automobile design and engineering. His inventive spirit not only revolutionized car engineering but also introduced breathtaking design aesthetics. The Tour de Force that was Jean’s contribution still echoes to this day, with the emblematic Type 55 being a shining example of his brilliance.

The legendary Type 55 Super Sport was a source of envy in its time, racing ahead with a 2.3-liter straight-eight engine borrowed from the formidable Type 51 racer. But it was Jean Bugatti’s iconic two-seater roadster style that truly set it apart. As the very first Bugatti Super Sport, the Type 55 laid the groundwork for an entirely new category of grand touring cars, combining luxurious comfort with an astonishing speed capability of 180 km/h.

Surpassing the bounds of engineering, the introduction of the innovative duotone color scheme was a significant moment that would eventually lead to the creation of Bugatti’s signature two-tone color division. Today, the most prized Type 55 model is adorned in the classic and enduring duo of black and yellow.

The Type 55 Super Sport is an exceptional rarity, with a scant 38 vehicles ever produced. Its rareness further elevates its status as a highly desirable collector’s item. It’s renowned for spearheading the concept of translating Grand Prix performance to a road car, an idea that fascinated both a Chiron Super Sport customer and the Sur Mesure customization team.

For the customer and for Jascha Straub, who heads the Sur Mesure and Individualization division at Bugatti, the ’55 1 of 1′ project was an opportunity to honor the trailblazing accomplishments of Jean Bugatti. Jean’s designs beautifully married elegance with engineering brilliance and continue to influence the Bugatti brand of today. As Straub remarked, “Even after a century, our connection to Jean and his designs is unwavering. Jean was a master of proportions and the pioneer in offering automobiles that seamlessly blended luxury with top-tier performance. Consider that nearly a hundred years ago, the Type 55 could hit speeds of up to 180 km/h.”

Inspired by Bugatti’s legendary heritage, Straub collaborated closely with a client and the Bugatti dealer in Dubai to dive deep into the brand’s illustrious past. They aimed to bring the spirit of the classic Type 55 Super Sport into the modern era by blending its iconic style with the advanced design of today’s Chiron Super Sport. The result is a masterpiece that stands as a timeless and contemporary homage to the original model’s unique characteristics.

To pay homage to a legendary automobile, Bugatti’s Sur Mesure specialists have employed the iconic two-tone paint configuration made famous by Jean Bugatti in the Type 55. This exquisite design leverages a striking black and yellow palette, which was particularly cherished by Ettore Bugatti. The Chiron Super Sport is thus cloaked in these hues that not only infuse it with a sense of dynamic flair but also strategically demarcate its vast bodywork. The delicate task of designing involved precisely defining the color boundaries to ensure aesthetic continuity across the car’s silhouette. A striking feature is the line of black running down the center, as seen on the Type 55, which is further complemented by the grill and air intake detailing, coupled with a slender yellow strip that threads along the vehicle’s sides.

During the innovation phase, the Bugatti makers devoted tremendous efforts to reinterpret and contemporize the classic Type 55 features to create a vehicle that pays respect to its historical predecessor while exuding a modern presence. The Chiron Super Sport boasts a unique ’55’ motif that delicately transitions over the headlamps and across the wheel arches, drawing the eye towards the signature horseshoe-shaped grill. This design choice constricts the car’s frontal profile, giving it a dignified yet robust demeanor, characteristic of speed. “From afar, the ’55’ design makes the wheel arch seem dark, recalling the vintage car,” explained Jascha. “On the original, parts would end sharply, whereas on the Chiron Super Sport, the design had to seamlessly blend out. It was a complex and detailed procedure, but absolutely necessary to achieve our vision.”

The distinctive ’55 1 of 1′ model presents a commanding appeal with its understated black ten-spoke rims. A subtle yet striking yellow ‘EB’ emblem sits at the hub, seamlessly integrating the wheel design with the Chiron Super Sport’s sleek body. The bottom of the rear spoiler serves as a canvas for a personalized touch — a handwritten-style ’55 1 of 1′ inscription, acknowledging the historic influence behind this contemporary masterpiece.

The same precision and dedication to detail seen on the outside are mirrored within the car’s interior. This homage to the Type 55 Super Sport is carried forward into the cabin of the ’55 1 of 1.’ The interior is outfitted with refined black leather, which perfectly complements the exterior design and is punctuated by custom accents. The embroidered headrests feature the bespoke ’55 1 of 1′ signature, and the number ’55’ re-emerges, this time intricately hand-stitched into the door panels with eye-catching yellow thread.

In a tribute that shines a light on Jean Bugatti’s groundbreaking work, his autograph is elegantly displayed on the door sill and the car’s tribute plaque. These interior elements are more than just visually captivating; they forge a meaningful link between the present-day enthusiast and the legendary saga of the Bugatti marque.


Hendrik Malinowski, Managing Director at Bugatti Automobiles, states: “Here at Bugatti, the art of custom creation is at the heart of what we do, particularly through our Sur Mesure program. Our team excels in reenvisioning the hallmarks of our classic automobiles, fusing historic allure with modern innovation and artistry. Our most recent custom design, inspired by the classic, distinguished black and yellow livery of Jean Bugatti’s Type 55 Super Sport, is a nod to a truly foundational piece of our brand’s story. The ’55 1 of 1’ not only embodies the essence of one of Bugatti’s most groundbreaking vehicles but also attests to the enduring influence of Jean’s legacy, which continues to inform and ignite our design and technical philosophies. Furthermore, this very vision captivates our patrons across the globe, as we see here with our client in the United Arab Emirates.”

Image Source: Mr . Crocodile / Shutterstock

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