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Ferrari Brings Iconic Design With The Monza SP1 and SP2, An Addition In The Roofless Segment

Image Source: Pixabay

At the Capital Markets Day held in Maranello last September, Ferrari introduced to the world a breathtaking concept they have been working on for a while. It is the Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2, built under the Icona collection.

These are not your ordinary Ferrari models but super performers that will see the production of only 499 special edition pieces. So what’s so formidable about this concept?

To start with, it is a small car, just as a Ferrari could be. The SP1 (whose main distinguishing factor is the single seat while the SP2 has double seat) weighs over 1,500 kgs and the SP2 weighs 1520 kgs. This makes the car 160 kgs lighter that Ferraris Superfast coupe. It has added in 25 mm in width. On the overall, the carbon fiber body is significantly lighter than that of the coupe making the vehicle capable of cruising at crazy speeds and stunts around bends.

As expected, it doesn’t disappoint in picking speed as it sprints at 2.9-second 0-62 mph time, 7.9-second 0-120 mph and a top speed of 180 mph. To take your seat inside the Icona Monza, there is a pair of minute diheral doors on either side. You then settle down to an interior that makes you brace for Formula 1 experience, yet, the vehicle is meant for ordinary road usage.

Such a supercar deserves a benefiting engine and the V12 6.5 liter for the Monza is calibrated for thrilling experience. Delivering 798 bhp this is Ferrari’s most powerful V12 engine to date. The seven-speed dual clutch transmission is a warm welcome as is the four-wheel steering.

The sight of the Monza is by design bewildering to ordinary folks. No roof and no windscreen, yet the spider-shape is overwhelmingly striking. Designing director Flavio Manzoni described it as “the elegance of the past fused with an uncompromising architecture and a modern approach, and not a nostalgic approach.”

It seems that just when we thought we had seen it all for top-notch supercar manufacturers, they throw the spanner into the story and we are left gaping at what has been happening behind the curtain.

The Monza is a testimony to the endless possibilities in terms of creativity in supercar manufacturer.

One more thing… you can’t own both the SP1 and SP2. You got to choose before signing the $3 million check.

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