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DS 3 Crossback Review: Great Features, Unique Style, And Heightened Capabilities

Image Source: VanderWolf Images / Shutterstock

In the automotive industry, it pays to be a little bit more experimental, to push the limits to the far extreme end and to imagine more. It pays too to have your hopes high and to believe that whatever you create will raise similar curiosity in your target market.

Groupe PSA have applied some, if not all of these necessities in creation of the DS 3 Crossback. Why do we say this?

This is a vehicle that gives us 100% ICE (Internal Combustion Engines – gas and diesel) and 100% Electric versions. Built upon Groupe PSA’s all-new ‘Common Modular Platform’ (CMP), it carries renewed hopes for the company. It is built for the city as well as a variant of long-distance road travel.

We see a lot of effort in the technologies applied on this car. The DS MATRIX LED VISION headlights, flush door handles that deploy automatically and a fully digital driving display are just some of what you will fall in love with.

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that this car is made for those yearning for stylish instant recognition. Executives at the company hint to a vehicle suited for a wide range of uses and comes with unrivaled abilities. CEO Yves Bonnefont is impressed that they have decided to put “electrification at the heart of our brand.”

Engines for the DS Crossback will include a 1.2-liter PureTech three-cylinder, with available power ranging from 100 horsepower (74.5 kilowatts), 130 hp (97 kW), and 155 hp (115.5 kW). A diesel option is also available in the form of a 1.5-liter BlueHDI producing either 100 hp (74.5 kW) or 130 horsepower (97 kW). All four wheels will be powered and benefit from a six-speed manual transmission or the new eight-speed EAT8 automatic.

Image Source: VanderWolf Images / Shutterstock

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