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Check Out The Most Extreme Lamborghini Urus

Image Source: Chatchai Somwat / Shutterstock

When it comes to 6×6 conversions, we have seen many of them already. For example, the Hennesey VelociRaptor or Mammoth, massive high-power 6×6 conversions based on famous American-built pickup trucks, or the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6. However, the French customizer Danton Alexandre takes things to the extreme with his projects.

His first Lamborghini-based project, the ‘Hot Rod Espada‘, created a few years ago, took a Seventies Lamborghini Espada and turned it into a hot rod inspired lookalike with an exposed V12 engine at the front, massive wide rear wheels outside of the original Espada bodywork, and metal seats for the interior. While it might look a little odd, it’s an interesting take on a classic GT from the Seventies. Some criticize it as a waste of a perfectly good Lamborghini Espada, of which just over 1,200 units were ever built.

As for the 6×6 story, Danton has a few renderings of his Lamborghini Urus project. He has a track record of completing unusual 6×6 conversions, such as a Rolls Royce Phantom and a six-wheel Humvee, which now sits extremely low and appears to be mid-engined.

The Lamborghini Urus, an Italian Super SUV, is the subject of interest in these images. The vehicle appears to have been modified with an air ride suspension system and significantly widened bodywork. The front fenders are notably wide and accommodate additional air intakes, as well as a downforce splitter and fins for increased stability at high speeds.

Additionally, the rear fenders have been extended to accommodate ultra-wide wheels and a truckbed-like structure, which features a roll-over cage and additional lights. The SUV has also been outfitted with large side skirts, air vents, and intakes, along with a new rear bumper design that includes vertical fins, vents, and prominent hexagon exhaust pipes.

Image Source: Chatchai Somwat / Shutterstock

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