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Bentley Mulsanne Review: Bold, Stylish & Outstanding Performer

Image Source: Pixabay

Let’s just be brutally honest, the Mulsanne is not the kind of car you will find parked on a dusty village road. Unless the owner owns the village and the folks who live there.

It is for those among us whom luxurious living is just about the only thing they know. It is for those with well-oiled pockets to be precise.

Just so that you won’t take this as mere exaggeration, even the company knows its buyers should be in the cluster of wealthier-than-thou. According to Bentley marketing chief James Pillar, The Mulsanne buyer averages $3.4 million in liquid assets.

The least expensive version starts at $310,395 and it can easily top $400,000 with extras. This fancy outfit rides a 6.75-liter V-8 with a 505-hp twin-turbocharged engine.

It rolls on the rear wheels via an eight-speed automatic. This is basically a manor house on wheels, or could be modern day’s Saudi Arabian house actually.

It is a place where you experience first-class airline-style seats with extendable leg rests. This has been enabled primarily by the 9.8-inch-longer wheelbase.

This luxury is further extended by tables that deploy from the full-length console, power-operated blackout curtains, and an optional refrigerator with holders for the De Rigueur crystal champagne flutes.

Even when you are the passenger at the back, there are 10.2-inch tablets that rise out of the front seat-backs and can be removed or used in place. The tablets can control various functions in the car and run a combination of apps via a Wi-Fi hotspot.

On the dashboard, the center multifunction display is larger, and allows Apple CarPlay functionality with upgraded graphics. Although it’s now a touchscreen, it still retains the same buttons and knob controller.

You don’t needs to read hard between the lines for you to see how much luxury this vehicle exudes. Such are the items that make life juicer and want us to wake up earlier, just in case mother luck will smile on us.

Image Source: Pixabay

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