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All Electric Renault Symbioz With Level 4 Technology Makes Its Entry On-Road

The Renault SYMBIOZ autonomous car was first introduced to the world at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September. It is, to say the least, an electric car concept too.

News has it that the car is now undergoing road tests and it has addition load of elements from the car shown in September. Renault has blended this vehicle with its technology expected on the brand’s wide range of cars in the near future.

This includes an refurbished and refreshed version of Multi-Sense technology. There is also the Level 4 autonomous tech on-board which practically means the vehicle would not require a steering wheel to operate.

Level 4 has been explained as ‘mind off’ driving, meaning the driver can hand over total control to the vehicle while safely taking their eyes off the road and, admire the stretching ranches of Texas, for example or even watch a presidential speech live on screen. As far as driving power is concerned, the Symbioz carries a dual-motor rear-wheel drive system. Renualt placed the two electric motors powering the Symbioz on the rear axle, with each motor driving one wheel.

The car is equipped with Renault’s 4 Control all-wheel steering system, which enables the rear wheels to assist in steering by means of an electromagnetic actuator integrated on the rear axle. Did you get that? What we are talking about here is advanced engineering capabilities loaded on a futuristic car.

The developments brought about the the Symbioz are well in line with Groupe Renault’s Drive The Future Strategy. Among important pillars of its new 6-year plan, is an emboldened vision of sustainable mobility for all, “today and tomorrow.”

Groupe Renault projects that by 2022,it will offer 8 purely electric vehicles and 12 electrified models. This is ambitious enough to drive engineers at the company to an all time high creativity mode.

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