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A Close Look At The Ferrari 12Cilindri

Image Source: YouCar @ YouTube

Following the straightforward approach of the Ferrari LaFerrari’s name, the new Ferrari 12Cilindri adopts a similarly direct naming strategy. Known as Dodici Cilindri in Italian, which translates to Twelve Cylinder, this model proudly showcases Ferrari’s signature 6.5L V12 engine.

With the goal of clarity and branding, the name has been condensed to the more globally recognized ’12Cilindri’. This pared-back title reflects the model’s design philosophy, which prioritizes the potent elegance of its 820 bhp naturally-aspirated engine at its core.

More Than Just a Twelve-Cylinder Engine

Ferrari didn’t aim to completely overhaul their classic design, and enthusiasts might notice significant resemblances to the illustrious Ferrari 812 Superfast, especially in the esteemed F140 V12 engine that both cars share. Both engines boast the same 6,496 cc displacement and produce power figures in the same range, though the 12Cilindri edges ahead in horsepower while sacrificing some torque.

The most striking upgrade comes through in the engine’s personality, with the V12 in the 12Cilindri screaming up to an incredible 9,500 rpm—1,000 rpm higher than its predecessor. It’s a change that is sure to deliver a more exhilarating driving experience even if there are many similarities with the prior model.

Performance and Engineering

Regarding that magnificent V12 engine, it packs a real punch as well as some exciting theater, sitting farther back behind the front axle compared to the 812 Superfast. This repositioning gives the 12Cilindri an even more dramatic display, visible beneath the stunning ‘cofango’ hood.

Ferrari has remained true to their roots by maintaining the pure essence of the F140 engine, deciding against any form of hybridization or turbocharging that many have adopted to meet new emission standards. The engine’s higher 9,500 rpm redline brings enthralling sound thanks to the lighter titanium connecting rods and precision-forged pistons. Although, these modifications mean the 12Cilindri offers slightly less torque compared to its forerunner, producing 500 lb-ft at 7,250 rpm (as opposed to the 812 Superfast’s 530 lb-ft).

Digging into the specifics, Ferrari unveils that a substantial portion of its torque is available from the low-end spectrum of 2,500 rpm, allowing the driver to effortlessly unleash the vehicle’s potential without needing to push the engine to its limits. In classic Ferrari style, performance is abundant, with the engine hitting a peak 820 horsepower at a screaming 9,250 rpm, propelling the car from a standstill to 60 mph within a brief 2.8 seconds, with a maximum speed of 217 mph.

Enhancing the raw power, Ferrari incorporates a re-engineered 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox that not only continues to power the rear wheels but now also shifts gears with 30% increased speed compared to its predecessor, seamlessly harnessing the engine’s output.

Handling & Chassis

The latest chassis design boasts a 15% increase in rigidity over the 812 Superfast, translating to more exacting handling capabilities that accentuate the refined nature for which Ferrari’s updated grand tourers are celebrated. The framework is still crafted from aluminum for a balance of strength and lightness, though the new model is heftier than the 812 Superfast by approximately 35 kg, ringing in at around 1,560 kg. This weight gain is primarily due to upsized 21-inch wheels, a broader front hood, and sophisticated active aero components. It’s a challenge to find sports cars that manage to be lighter yet superior to their antecedents.

Many of the technological enhancements found in the 812 Superfast’s suspension and underpinnings have made their way into the 12Cilindri, although with advanced recalibration intended for its new structure. The aero-active features enable the creation of an extra 50 kg of downward pressure on the rear section, striking a balance between functional aerodynamics and the sleek aesthetics expected from a Ferrari touring vehicle, sans the presence of any oversized spoilers.

Driving this machine promises to meet expectations that match its reputation as a refined grand tourer sculpted by Ferrari’s passionate engineering. It offers a tranquil and sophisticated journey within city bounds, but fully unleashes its roaring Italian V12 prowess on demand for unparalleled performance.

Design & Interior

The lineage of Ferrari’s grand tourers continues to assert its presence with confident yet tasteful design choices, and the 12Cilindri is a proud successor within this distinguished heritage. Taking bold strides in its exterior, the vehicle exudes a throwback charm, with design elements reminiscent of iconic Ferrari models, like the 365 Daytona of the 1960s. Keen observers will note how the headlights and the design of the front bonnet pay homage to these classic models.

Step inside the 12Cilindri, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the futuristic minimalism that characterizes the modern Ferrari cockpit. Predominantly digital interfaces have replaced the physical buttons, reflecting a sleek and simplified environment. This emphasis on high-tech controls and displays is a nod to Ferrari’s progressive vision, even if it means more frequent polishing to keep touchscreens free of smudges.

This nuanced blend of state-of-the-art technology and acknowledgment of Ferrari’s storied past provides an experience that’s very much in line with what one might anticipate from a contemporary Ferrari grand tourer, with all the signature luxurious touches intricately woven into its narrative.“`html
The Ferrari 12Cilindri exudes a sense of refinement both in appearance and interior finishings, without a doubt fitting the image of a luxury vehicle.

Cost & When You Can Get One

While US pricing has not been officially declared, preliminary estimates based on current exchange rates suggest a starting point at approximately $440,000 USD for the coupé and $470,000 USD for the Spider, with availability expected towards the end of the year.

Interestingly, the Spider version, with its automated foldable hard-top that requires about 14 seconds to operate, will be released concurrently with the coupé, deviating from Ferrari’s usual practice of staggering their launches.

A Ferrari’s allure never wanes, and just as you think it might, a new model arrives that’s more audacious and compelling. The newest Ferrari 12Cilindri’s performance might be overshadowed by its low-profile status, given it’s not branded as a race-focused car.

However, its understated nature is deliberate. Boasting 820 bhp from its robust F140 V12 engine, the 12Cilindri balances elegance with the capability of outpacing many cars on a spirited country drive – should its driver unexpectedly need to expedite their journey to a golf appointment…

Keep an eye out for our in-depth review once this car makes its rounds with the auto experts.

Image Source: YouCar @ YouTube

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