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Mansory Ferrari SF90 Spider Is An Exotic Car With a Plethora of Features

Image Source: Fabrizio Annovi / Shutterstock

Some individuals might never come across a single Ferrari SF90 Spider in their lifetime, while others may catch a glimpse of one at a local exotic car show. However, in certain parts of the world, spotting one on almost every street corner is not uncommon, depending on where you reside or visit. Yet, while merely encountering a factory-standard Ferrari SF90 Spider is remarkable in itself, witnessing a custom-built Mansory F9XX, one of only three, is a whole different experience.

Derived from the Ferrari SF90 Spider, Mansory undertakes a complete transformation of this convertible supercar into something truly extraordinary, termed the F9XX. Although they refer to it as a ‘complete vehicle conversion’ on their website reflecting their ‘one of one’ philosophy, they still intend to produce three units eventually.

It’s important to note that Mansory boasts its own carbon fiber autoclave, allowing them to craft any carbon fiber design of your choosing. While some may not be fans of Mansory’s renowned extravagant styling, one must acknowledge that the craftsmanship, both inside and outside their ‘one of one’ vehicles, is unparalleled, regardless of personal preferences for the final outcome.

The F9XX prominently showcases a two-part rear wing reminiscent of the track-only FXX cars from Ferrari, a key component of Mansory’s comprehensive aerodynamic package. This package includes a prominent front chin spoiler, outer side fins on the front bumper, a carbon fiber fin on the front bonnet, and louvers on the fenders above the Mansory wheels featuring a conventional five-bolt pattern instead of center-locks. True to Mansory’s signature style, a crest denoting the rarity of this car adorns the front fender near the doors.

If the substantial side sill doesn’t immediately catch your eye, the side intakes ahead of the rear wheels are sure to captivate your attention. These intakes feature a horizontal top fin originating on the door that extends into the lower rear fender, leading to an air intake with an additional fin, with the top part extending to the rear wheel well. Mansory even adorns the retractable hard top of the SF90 Spider with their distinctive Forged Carbon pattern, complementing the ‘Celeste’ paint on this specific Tempesta Celeste variant.

The rear bumper/diffuser section boasts four centrally placed exhaust pipes complemented by sizable carbon fiber fins. Additionally, discerning observers may spot the red LED lights integrated into the vertical uprights flanking the rear of the car, supporting the stubby rear wing sections in the air. Another noteworthy detail is the race car-like brake light situated beneath the license plate holder, displaying intricate design work that surprisingly harmonizes well, particularly in the Celeste and black carbon fiber combination.

Underneath the captivating exterior of this Mansory F99XX lies a V8 Hybrid engine meticulously tuned to generate an impressive total power output of 1,100 hp and a substantial torque figure of 980 Nm. Consequently, achieving an impressive top speed of 355 km/h (equivalent to 221 mph) and acceleration figures of just 2.4 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. Naturally, this performance comes with a combined fuel consumption of 8.2 liters per 100 km, indicating that a vehicle like the Mansory F99XX isn’t designed for fuel efficiency but rather for the driving experience it offers.

The Tempesta Celeste version of the Mansory F99XX showcases a staggered wheel setup featuring ultralight forged rims – imposing 9.5 x 21-inch units upfront and significantly wide 12 x 22-inch rims at the rear, equipped with high-performance tires measuring 255/30 ZR21 and 335/25 ZR22, respectively, to deliver optimal performance in terms of lateral dynamics.

Upon inspecting the extensively modified interior of the Mansory F99XX, one will encounter premium leather of the highest quality, boasting impeccable stitching and fitting. A sporty and elegant fusion of leather and carbon fiber greets the observer, a signature characteristic synonymous with Mansory. This isn’t just another Ferrari SF90 Spider with an aero kit and added carbon fiber accents in the interior; the F9XX represents a complete departure from its original form upon leaving the Maranello factory.

Furthermore, Mansory intends to produce only three units of their F9XX, with each being entirely distinctive and essentially one-of-a-kind. Presently, this specific 2022 Tempesta Celeste variant is available for purchase, boasting just 50 km on the odometer. This 1,100 hp or 820 kW marvel could be yours – simply reach out to Mansory to inquire about the pricing. You might find yourself behind the wheel of the sole F9XX in your city, possibly even your entire nation, or even continent, depending on your location.

Image Source: Fabrizio Annovi / Shutterstock

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