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Toyota Century Review: More Modern, More Powerful Yet More Beautiful

Image Source: Pixabay
If there is an automaker who’s perfected the art of segmentation, it is precisely Toyota. Its no wonder then that it is the single most outstanding car brand in the world. Everywhere you go, you can be guaranteed you will come across a Toyota. They simply have a car for everyone!

The Toyota Century is not new but it is not your ordinary Toyota car. It is a vehicle made exclusively for luxury and available to a selected few. It is only known in the Japanese market. History has it that the Century, first built in 1967 was so named in celebration of the 100th birthday of Toyota Industries’ founder Sakichi Toyoda(born 14th February 1867).

The Century is now undergoing a model upgrade for the first time in 20 years.

The lengthy limousine has been enlarged further to give occupants even more space. Notably, though, the traditional body shape has been retained, in a bid to preserve its conservative style.
The V12 engine has been replaced with a V8.

Riding in a Toyota Century, you will sit on 100 percent wool upholstery. The rear seats are also adjustable for optimum comfort and you can still get a cool massage right there. The popular cassette player has also been replaced by a CD/SD/USB player and your audio will be streamed through a modern 20-speaker premium system.

You can work from the Toyota Century since a table and reading light have been availed. The remodeled vehicle rides on the 5.0-liter 2UR-FSE V8 engine which is compatible with Toyota’s second-generation hybrid drive.

Other modern features include collision avoidance support, blind spot monitoring, and rear cross traffic alert. This is a vehicle made for VVIPs and that point has been emphasized as much with features and the target consumers. The only reason why Toyota has made this vehicle totally exclusive is to maintain its classy appeal. There are still no signs that this is going to change any time soon. However, the upgrades that have been given to this special brand are ultimately well deserved.

Image Source: Pixabay

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