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Some Amazing & Adorable Car Baby Names For Girls

Image Source: Google Images Licensed For Reuse

Do you have a baby daughter on the way and are looking for a great name for her?  Of course, there are thousands of ideas for girl names out there, but finding the perfect name for her that both parents can agree upon can be tricky.  If one or both parents have an affinity for automobiles, then may we suggest considering a car-related girl baby name?  Not only do car names for girls provide a special significance and nod to the parent(s) passion for cars, but car girl names can offer much more.

Image Source: Google Images Licensed For Reuse

Many names on this list are relatively unique, easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and can perhaps work well with your child’s initials.  Of course, not all of the baby girl car names on this list may meet these criteria, but we find that many of them do. We hope that you are able to find an amazing female car name on our list, and, if so, please let us know in the comments below!  We also encourage you to share your favorite girl car names and suggestions you may have for this list.

Car Make or Model related baby names for a girl:

1. Acadia (GMC Acadia)
2. Adler (Adler, Germany)
3. Agera (Koenigsegg Agera R)
4. Albany (Albany, 1907-1908)
5. Alena (Alena Steam Car, 1922)
6. Alero (Oldsmobile Alero)
7. Almera (Nissan Almera)
8. Alpine (Chrysler Alpine)
9. Anglia (Ford Anglia)
10. Apple (W.A. Apple Motor Car Company, 1917-1918)
11. Aprilia (Lancia Aprilia, Italy)
12. Aria (Tata Aria)
13. Ariel (Ariel Atom)
14. Aspen (Chrysler Aspen & Dodge Aspen)
15. Auburn (Auburn Automobile Company, 1900-1936)
16. Aurora (Oldsmobile Aurora, USA or Cadillac Aurora)
17. Aurelia (Lancia Aurelia)
18. Avalon (Toyota Avalon, Japan)
19. Avanti (Studebaker Avanti)
20. Aqua (Toyota Aqua, Japan)
21. Azera (Hyundai Azera)
22. Bailey (Bailey Electric, 1898-1915)
23. Bell (Bell Motor Car Company, 1915-1922)
24. Bentley (Bentley)
25. Beretta (Chevrolet Beretta)
26. Berkeley (Berkeley Cars Limited, UK)
27. Blakely (Blakely)
28. Bobbi (Bobbi Kar)
29. Brera (Alfa Romeo Brera)
30. Bristol (Bristol Cars Limited, UK)
31. Brooke (Brooke Cars Ltd, UK)
32. Calais (Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais or Cadillac Calais)
33. Camry (Toyota Camry)
34. Capella (Mazda Capella, Japan)
35. Capri (Mercury Capri)
36. Caprice (Chevrolet Caprice)
37. Carrera (Porsche 911 Carrera)
38. Carroll (Carroll Automobile Company, 1921-1922)
39. Catalina (Pontiac Catalina)
40. Catera (Cadillac Catera)
41. Catherina (Saab Catherina)
42. Cayenne (Porsche Cayenne)
43. Celica (Toyota Celica)
44. Chantez (Mazda Chantez, Japan)
45. Cherry (Nissan Cherry)
46. Christie (Christine Direct Action Motor Company, 1904-1910)
47. Ciel (Cadillac Ciel Concept, 2011)
48. Ciera (Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera)
49. Comfort (Toyota Comfort, Japan)
50. Cortina (Ford Perana Mk2)
51. Cresta (Vauxhall Cresta, UK, & Toyota Cresta, Japan)
52. Cressida (Toyota Cressida)
53. Crosley (Crosley Motors, USA)
54. Dagmar (Dagmar, 1922-1927)
55. Dakota (Dodge Dakota)
56. Dawn (Rolls-Royce Dawn)
57. Daytona (Dodge Daytona)
58. Delta (Oldsmobile Delta 88 & Chrysler Delta)
59. Diamond (Diamond-Star Motors and Diamond Reo Trucks)
60. Diana (Diana Motors Company, 1925-1928)
61. Dixie (Dixie Flyer, 1916-1923)
62. Dorris (Dorris Motors Corporation, 1906-1925)
63. Dyna (Toyota Dyna, Japan)
64. Dynasty (Hyundai Dynasty & Chrysler/Dodge Dynasty)
65. Echo (Toyota Echo)
66. Elantra (Hyundai Elantra)
67. Eleanor (Shelby GT500 movie car)
68. Elise (Lotus Elise)
69. Elva (Elva)
70. Enger (Enger Motor Car Company, 1909-1917)
71. Eureka (Eureka Automobile & Transportation Co., 1899-1900)
72. Fabia (Skoda Fabia)
73. Fay (Fay, 1912)
74. Felicia (Skoda Felicia)
75. Francis (Lea-Francis, UK)
76. Fredonia (Fredonia Manufacturing Company, 1902-1904)
77. Gale (Western Tool Works Gale Model A, 1905-1907)
78. Gazelle (Nissan Gazelle)
79. Genesis (Hyundai Genesis)
80. Giulia (Alfa Romeo Giulia)
81. Giulietta (Alfa Romeo Giulietta)
82. Gloria (Nissan Cedric/Gloria)
83. Hennessey (Hennessey Venom GT)
84. Holiday (Oldsmobile Super 88 Holiday Coupe)
85. Holley (Holley Motor Car Company, 1900-1904 and Holley Performance Products)
86. Horizon (Plymouth Horizon)
87. Infiniti (Infiniti)
88. Integra (Acura Integra)
89. Isabella (Borgward Isabella, Germany)
90. Isetta (BMW Isetta, Germany)
91. Janus (Zundapp Janus, Germany)
92. Jewel (Jewel Motor Car Company, 1905-1909)
93. Jewell (Jewel Motor Car Company, 1905-1909, formerly named “Jewell”)
94. Karmann (Volkswagen Karmann Ghia)
95. Kia (Kia Motors)
96. Kelsey (Kelsey Motor Company, 1921-1924)
97. Laura (Skoda Laura)
98. Laurel (Laurel Motors Corporation, 1916-1920)
99. Lea (Lea-Francis, UK)
100. Lexus (Lexus)
101. Liana (Suzuki Liana)
102. Liberty (Liberty)
103. Linea (Fiat Linea)
104. Lorraine (Lorraine)
105. Lotus (Lotus Cars, UK)
106. Luce (Mazda Luce)
107. LuLu (LuLu Cyclecar, 1914)
108. Luverne (Luverne, 1904-1917)
109. Macan (Porsche Macan)
110. Madison (Madison Motors Company, 1915-1918)
111. Majesta (Toyota Crown Majesta)
112. Majestic (Daimler Majestic Major)
113. Malibu (Chevrolet Malibu)
114. Marbella (Seat Marbella)
115. Marion (Marion Motor Car Company, 1904-1914)
116. Marvel (Marvel Motor Car Company, 1907)
117. Maserati (Maserati S.p.A)
118. Mercedes (Mercedes-Benz)
119. Mia (Mia Electric, France 2011-2013)
120. Miata (Mazda Miata)
121. Milan (Mercury Milan)
122. Millenia (Mazda Millenia)
123. Mira (Daihatsu Mira)
124. Mirage (Mitsubishi Mirage)
125. Miranda (Dodge Miranda)
126. Miura (Lamborghini Miura)
127. Mora (Mora Motor Car Company, 1906-1910)
128. Montana (Pontiac Montana)
129. Monterey (Mercury Monterey)
130. Morgan (Morgan Motor Company, UK)
131. Mystique (Mercury Mystique)
132. Nadia (Toyota Nadia)
133. Noma (Noma, 1919-1923)
134. Nova (Chevrolet Nova)
135. Octavia (Skoda Octavia, Czech)
136. Omni (Dodge Omni)
137. Opel (Opel, Germany)
138. Paige (Paige-Detroit, 1908-1927 and Graham Paige)
139. Porsche (Porsche)
140. Prisma (Chevrolet Prisma)
141. Reatta (Buick Reatta)
142. Reber (Reber, 1902-1903)
143. Riley (Riley Motors Limited, UK)
144. Rio (Kia Rio)
145. Riviera (Buick Riviera)
146. Rovena (Rovena)
147. Sable (Mercury Sable)
148. Saleen (Saleen S7)
149. Saphire (Ford Saphire)
150. Savana (GMC Savana)
151. Sedona (Kia Sedona)
152. Sequoia (Toyota Sequoia)
153. Shelby (Shelby American Inc)
154. Sharan (Volkswagon Sharan)
155. Shadow (Dodge Shadow)
156. Siddeley (Armstrong Siddeley, UK)
157. Sienna (Toyota Sienna)
158. Sierra (GMC Sierra)
159. Silvia (Nissan Silvia)
160. Solara (Toyota Camry Solara)
161. Sonata (Hyundai Sonata)
162. Star (Durant Motors Star)
163. Stella (Subaru Stella)
164. Sunny (Datsun Sunny)
165. Tesla (Tesla Motors)
166. Topaz (Mercury Topaz)
167. Tundra (Toyota Tundra)
168. Vega (Chevrolet Vega)
169. Vera (Vera Motor Car Company, 1912)
170. Verona (Suzuki Verona)
171. Victoria (Ford Crown Victoria)
172. Victory (Dodge Victory)
173. Violet (Nissan Violet)
174. Vista (Eagle Vista and Toyota Vista)
175. Waverley (Pope-Waverley, 1904)
176. Xenia (Xenia Cyclecar, 1900-1903)
177. Yaris (Toyota Yaris)
178. Zephyr (Ford Zephyr)
179. Zeta (Zeta, 1963-1965)
180. Zoe (Renault Zoe)
181. Zonda (Pagani Zonda)

Featured Image Source: Google Images Licensed For Reuse

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