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The Opel Grandland X: A Modest Mid-Sized SUV

Image Source: Unsplash

When Vauxhaull Motors gave us the Antara, little was it known that it would overwhelmingly turn out to be a under-performer. But with the Opel Grandland X, the company seemingly has a chance to redeem itself and up its game in the SUV category.

Vauxhall offers a six-speed manual with the 1.2-liter petrol and 1.5-liter diesel, but the latter has the option of an eight-speed automatic – which is standard on the 2.0-liter diesel Ultimate. Not every SUV buyer wants four-wheel drive, and Vauxhall doesn’t offer it as an option. You can add the IntelliGrip system, which provides off-road driving modes via the traction-control system.

This vehicle shares its mechanical DNA with the Peugeot 3008, and is available with similar engines. There’s also a 128 bhp diesel that officially returns 68.9 mpg when paired with the six-speed manual transmission.

The flagship 2.0-liter diesel is the peppiest engine in the range, but is only available with the range-topping Ultimate trim, making it a premium priced choice.

The overall profile is sharp and edgy to go in line with pretty much of what is happening in the modern SUV market. The body lines are deeply creased, somehow setting an aggressive tone that extends all the way to the rear section.

It is also quite sizeable as it measures 4.48 meters long, almost eight inches longer than the Crossland X. That extra length gives a more imposing appearance, all while creating more space and room in the interior, making it a very marketable machine overall.

Image Source: Unsplash

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