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The New Toyota Yaris Is A Simple Car For Your Everyday Ride

One of the major transformations that the Yaris has undergone is a name twist; not an overall change but a little twist. It has stopped being the Yaris iA to just Yaris. In addition, instead of the hatchback offered last year, the Yaris is now just a sedan, with the Yaris Liftback as the new hatchback.

The Yaris is in many ways a small lovely car from an automaker who can sufficiently confuse you with immense brand offers. But the Yaris has some Mazda blood in its system and its quite evident in its exterior styling.

With little effort, the four-cylinder engine that takes in 5.0 liter produces just 106 horsepower. It is mated to a six-speed gearbox which can be manual or automatic. This is one is not a vehicle for track racing but rather normal errands and so it does 8.7 seconds from zero-to-60 mph.

The three trims available(L, LE, and XLE) distinguish the Yaris just like siblings from the same womb. Each of them gets distinct features. The base trim L has a few thoughtful features such as forward collision warning, cruise control, a 7-inch touchscreen display, rearview camera as well as HD and satellite radio among a few more sensible fixtures.

Going up to LE, you get a rear spoiler, LED turn signals as well as keyless ignition and access. With the XLE, there are automatic LED headlights, automatic window wipers, climate control is also automatic and leather upholstery is included. Driver settings also get two modes – Normal and Sport.

Granted, the Yaris is in the class of every day functional cars. It sheds the sophistication that has been favored by modern automakers to remain a lovely common man’s car even with the new tweaks. Well done

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