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The New BMW 850i Makes Heaven Comes Closer

Image Source: Pixabay

We’ve several stated on this platform that automakers are in a haste to outdo themselves. They go extravagantly out of their way to impress.

We love it that way because,out of this overstretch comes out some truly epic and creative car designs and concepts. Some leave us amazed,amused and even confused!

If we called the one-off BMW M850i xDrive Coupe an item out of this world, we would actually not be wrong at all. It is literally made of materials from space. This is her story.

The BMW M850i xDrive Coupe Night Sky Edition, is made with applications from meteoric material. It was developed by BMW’s Individual customization division, and it arrived in time for the first meteor shower of 2019, which took place all over the world on January 3.

So far, the company hasn’t stated whether this one-off car is earmarked for a specific person. Either way, this one gracious way to open the year.

On this car, material from meteors are incorporated in the center console’s trim plate, and start-stop ignition button; with the car’s gear selector and touch controller for the iDrive system. Further, illuminated constellations of stars on the center console and patterns that recall extraterrestrial bodies on the exterior vents and mirrors make you feel close to the gates of heaven.

BMW calls the pattern widmanstätten, which recalls ice crystals, and naturally forms on meteorites when iron properties come in contact with acidic compounds. Frankly speaking this is not a process that can be practically reproduced on Earth.

However, BMW mimicked the design in the hand-stitched headliner, seats, brake calipers, front splitters, among other parts with the feeling is that you are on your way to space residing with heavenly bodies. For the brake calipers, BMW fitted the 850i Night Sky with 3D-printed units that are 30-percent lighter compared to traditional parts.

The German manufucturer further says that the reduced unsprung mass helps better control the 850i’s dynamics and driving comfort. Of course, it might be still early to speculate how much this spectacular machine will cost but as someone hinted, it might be again, “out of this world.”

Image Source: Pixabay

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