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The Mercedes EQC Aims To Make A Balance In Paradigm Shift

Image Source: Pixabay

It was characteristically a season for electric vehicles manufacturers to capitalize on the emerging paradigm shift. The magnificent prototypes on display underlines this observation and the arena is now open for stiff competition. It is this renewed energy that will bring more electric vehicles on the road soonest possible.

Mercedes has in the recent past been extremely excited about electric cars. The company is reportedly exploring all the possibilities with their exhibition at the Paris Motor Show is evidence enough that behind the curtain, strings have been pulled and heads have rolled.

The Mercedes-Benz EQC debuted at the Paris Motor Show. Apparently, it proudly mimics the record-breaking Mercedes W 125 racecar from 1937. This is not only a modern luxurious classy car but one that is notoriously futuristic.
It possesses a dual-motor which powers both the front and rear axles, making the EQC an all-wheel-drive. The battery is 80 kWh lithium-ion battery producing up to 402 bh (300 kw).

The EQC attempts to deliver a balance between familiarity, new technology, and an overhaul all at the same time. Let me explain that. You see, the EQC is an electric SUV but Mercedes customers will not just be impressed by that fact alone. They too want to feel in place driving the new thing. To this end, the design is slightly modified with the interior coded with elements of rose gold and some blue here and there.

An EQ screen sends greetings every time you ignite it and this becomes a signature reminder that this is not just an ordinary Benz. These distinguishing factors make a very strong case for the EQC. Perhaps it is also an acknowledgment that competitors including BMW and Jaguar have made footprints into the electric SUV category.

Image Source: Pixabay

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