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The Latest BMW 850i Propels You Towards the Stars

Image Source: Pixabay

We’ve often mentioned how car manufacturers are constantly striving to push the boundaries and wow us with their creations. This pursuit of excellence often leads to extraordinary and innovative car designs that impress, amuse, and sometimes perplex us.

If we were to describe the unique BMW M850i xDrive Coupe as otherworldly, we wouldn’t be exaggerating. This car is literally crafted from materials sourced from outer space. Let’s delve into its fascinating story.

The BMW M850i xDrive Coupe Night Sky Edition features components made from meteoric materials. Developed by BMW’s Individual customization division, this special edition coincided with the first meteor shower of 2019, which graced the skies on January 3.

It’s not clear yet whether this exceptional vehicle is intended for a specific buyer, but its debut marks a truly remarkable start to the year.

The meteoric material is integrated into various parts of the car, including the center console’s trim plate, start-stop ignition button, gear selector, and touch controller for the iDrive system. The interior boasts illuminated constellations of stars on the center console and patterns resembling celestial bodies on the exterior vents and mirrors, giving you the sensation of nearing the heavenly realm.

BMW refers to these patterns as widmanstätten, reminiscent of ice crystals that naturally form on meteorites when in contact with acidic compounds — a process impossible to replicate on Earth.

Though the meteoric design can’t be precisely reproduced, BMW managed to mimic it in the hand-stitched headliner, seats, brake calipers, front splitters, and other components, creating an ambiance akin to journeying through space amidst celestial bodies. The 850i Night Sky even features 3D-printed brake calipers that are 30% lighter than traditional ones, reducing unsprung mass for enhanced control and driving comfort.

As for the cost of this extraordinary machine, details are scarce at the moment, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it turns out to be as astronomical as the car’s celestial inspiration.

Image Source: Pixabay

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