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The Bugatti Chiron Profilée Arrived in Paris, France

Image Source: Kaukola Photography / Shutterstock

On 1 February, the Bugatti Chiron Profilée, an automotive solitaire, will be auctioned in Paris by RM Sotheby’s. With the production of all Bugatti models – the recently launched W16 Mistral, the Bolide and all Chiron models – being sold out, this auction represents the final opportunity to become one of the few worldwide custodians able to enjoy a Bugatti hyper sports car and its iconic W16 engine directly from the Atelier in Molsheim.

Created in direct response to customer demand for something more radical than the Chiron Sport5 but less extreme than the Chiron Pur Sport6, without sacrificing performance and comfort, the Chiron Profilée is a unique car in every sense. With the production of the Chiron completely sold out during the Profilée’s development, it could not be introduced as a full production model. But rather than hide away this pre-series car, Bugatti has decided to bring this one single example to roadgoing reality.

A Bugatti like no other, the Profilée has caught the attention of collectors and enthusiasts the world over. Those interested in securing this true one-of-a-kind member of the Chiron family should visit the RM Sotheby’s auction listing for more information.

Image Source: Kaukola Photography / Shutterstock

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