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Stunning Transformation: A Chevy Car adorned with Thousands of LED Lights

Image Source: Unsplash

TJ Dickenson, hailing from Titusville, Florida, had an intriguing vision to personalize a car in a distinctive manner. His project involved a specific Chevrolet vehicle, which post-customization resembled a creation straight out of the well-known show “Pimp My Ride,” dubbed the ‘Boom X.’

The highlight of this vehicle is the remarkable arrangement of custom LED lights that react differently to bass, mids, and treble, resulting in a one-of-a-kind light display. Keeping true to his passion for customizing trucks since the 90s, TJ took on this car project entirely on his own.

He takes great pride in his creation, boldly stating, “There is no other truck or car in the automotive world that can match the scale of this endeavor.”

Every part of the truck is embellished with lights, from the seats and the custom steering wheel to the elaborate speaker system in the trunk. The truck boasts a multitude of LEDs, totaling to a couple of thousand, all of which are digitally adjustable.

TJ has integrated 45 speakers, including 15 subwoofers, to ensure that the truck is the life of the party at any car event it attends.

Reflecting on his inspiration, TJ shared, “What drew me to cars was witnessing these low riders with powerful sound systems. That’s what I aspired towards, and that’s the goal I have accomplished with this truck.”

Undoubtedly, the truck’s sound and light system, managed by a unique prototype controller, sets TJ apart, even in the company of those with bigger budgets.

His unwavering pride in his achievement is evident, showcasing that dedication and passion always yield remarkable results.

Image Source: Unsplash

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