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Lewis Hamilton Wants Mercedes Benz to Surpass 1000 HP with the Project One

Image Source: Pixabay

Without a doubt, the Mercedes-AMG One is an exceptional hypercar that doesn’t need any extra hype. With a minimum of 1,000 horsepower at its disposal, it’s already impressively quick.

Its 1.6-liter F1 turbo V6 engine and electric motors are already pushing boundaries and surpassing expectations. Limited to just 275 units – all of which are already sold out – it boasts an unparalleled level of exclusivity.

It’s worth noting that the Project One is currently in its prototype stage, with production models not anticipated until the following year. Despite these remarkable attributes, F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton still envisions taking this car to the next level.

Reports suggest that Hamilton is keen on developing a special edition of this already extraordinary machine. His aspirations go beyond mere cosmetic changes like distinctive badges and wheels; he envisions enhancing its power and sound, alongside making subtle modifications to its body kit.

This isn’t just talk; Hamilton has reportedly pitched his idea to AMG, and they are seriously considering it. “It would be a missed opportunity not to do it, especially since we’ve clinched the world championship,” remarked the accomplished racing driver. “Ferrari always flaunts a world championship sticker on their cars, and we should take pride in our lineage; it should be reflected in that car.”

What sets this entire venture apart? Quite a few things, I must say. Firstly, it boasts an F1 engine yet is intended for regular road use, and Hamilton has played a significant role in the car’s development. Moreover, Mercedes has managed to sell out all units, despite the production version not being available yet.

So, why not raise the stakes by increasing the production numbers, enhancing power output, and incorporating unique Lewis Hamilton touches? This evolution is a development we’ll be closely monitoring.

Image Source: Pixabay

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