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Lewis Hamilton Is Looking Foward For Mercedes Benz To Go Beyond 1000 HP With Its Project One

Image Source: Pixabay

At the very least, the Mercedes-AMG One is already a rule-breaking hypercar that needs no further exaggeration. With at least 1,000 horsepower available, it’s already incredibly fast.

It’s 1.6-liter F1-sourced turbo V6 and electric motors are already far beyond exotic and just more than any one ever needs. With only 275 slated for production – all of which are already sold – it’s priceless exclusive.

Dare you not forget that Project One is just a prototype at this point, with production cars not expected until sometime next year. As if all these things aren’t enough, F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton still wants this car do a lot more.

It is emerging that Hamilton desires to create a special edition of this already bonkers machine. His vision is way beyond a car with a spiffy badge and different wheels and feels that it should have something like a bit more power and noise, complimented with some small changes to the body kit.

And it is not all hot air talk, Hamilton has apparently already taken the idea to AMG, and it’s being considered. “It doesn’t make sense to not do it, considering we’ve won the world championship,” the epic racer champion said, “Ferrari always have a world championship sticker on their cars, and we should be proud of our heritage and it should be a part of that car.”

What makes this whole thing a lot more different?Lots of things OI dare say. First, it has an F1 engine yet will be road legal, and Hamilton has already had a rather large role in bringing the car to life. Furthermore, Mercedes managed to sell every single copy even though a production version still doesn’t exist.

The general feeling thus would be, why not add a few more numbers to the build, tweaked with a bit more power and some personal Lewis Hamilton touches? This one, is one occurrence we will indeed follow very closely.

Image Source: Pixabay

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