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Here’s The Honest 2024 Acura Integra Type S Review

Image Source: The Global Guy / Shutterstock

The Honda Civic Type R is one of our favorites, with its excellent chassis, engine, and overall driving experience. If you want something similar but with more luxury touches, then the 2024 Acura Integra Type S is worth checking out. It’s essentially a more sophisticated version of the Civic Type R.

The Integra Type R is closely related to the Civic Type R as they share the same turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, albeit with a bit more power at 320 horsepower. It’s paired with a six-speed manual transmission, as automatic transmission is not an option for either the Civic Type R or Integra Type S.

In addition to the same engine, the Integra Type S also shares the same front suspension, Brembo brakes, steering rack, springs, dampers, and sway bars as the CTR. The major difference is the exhaust system, which in the Integra Type S has been modified to provide a more exhilarating auditory experience, with pops and crackles in the Sport+ drive mode, a feature not found in the CTR.

While sharing mechanical parts with the CTR, Acura has recalibrated nearly everything to provide a slightly different, yet still excellent, driving experience.

Externally, the Integra Type S stands out with its wide fender flares, giving it a more muscular appearance. Unlike the Civic Type R, the Integra Type S does not include a large rear wing, contributing to a more subtle look that received positive feedback from onlookers.

Driving the Integra Type S showcases Honda’s engineering prowess, as the engine changes provide a larger powerband and better throttle response. The six-speed transmission is also notable for its short, accurate throws and standout clutch engagement.

The Integra Type S features three drive modes: Comfort, Sport, and Sport+, which adjust the damping to provide a smooth comfortable ride or a more aggressive setup. Unlike the sometimes harsh suspension of the Civic Type R, the Integra Type S manages to strike a better balance between sport and comfort.

Although the interior of the Integra Type S lacks the same aggressively styled seats as the CTR, the suede inserts and inclusion of heated front seats provide a comfortable and practical driving environment. However, the interior design and features closely resemble those of the Civic, leaving the Type S feeling less distinctive.

Priced at $51,995, the 2024 Acura Integra Type S sits in the same price range as the Audi S3, BMW M235i xDrive Gran Coupe, and Mercedes-AMG CLA 35. While these alternatives may offer all-wheel drive, none can match the Integra’s combination of performance and manual transmission.

In summary, while we still hold the Honda Civic Type R in high regard, the Acura Integra Type S offers a more mature and practical hot hatch experience, making it suitable for daily commuting as well as weekend drives.

Image Source: The Global Guy / Shutterstock

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