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GFG Sibylla Is The Next Level Of Luxury Electric Vehicles On Road

Image Source: Mario Puskar / Shutterstock

Exotic, would be a befitting description for the GFG Sibylla, a car made in celebration of Giorgetto Giugiaro’s 80th birthday. Like Giugiaro’s outstanding contribution to the automotive industry, the GFG Sibylla bears the characteristics of a well thought out project.

It also a unique design much of which is presented by the unconventional roof which features a transparent, wraparound dome. It conspicuously stands out from any four-door sedan you might think of.

Here’s the thing, most of what drives car is tech-related. We probably need to digest it slowly in order to get it right.

To start with,this vehicle uses a vehemently futuristic power model, one a little more sophisticated and one that has been on the radar of supercar and general automotive engineers for some time. Simplified, this systems integrates EV charging into the electricity grid.

The longer and more technical version of is that GFG Sibylla uses Envision’s EnOS energy IoT platform, which allows the car to become intelligently integrated into the wider energy ecosystem. The designers explain that the Sibylla name was chosen in references to a figure from Latin mythology endowed with the ability to provide answers and predict the future.

It is also a tribute to Giorgetto’s mother, named Sibylla. The car breathes a lot of firmness and precision, yet being able to maintain a classy level of simplicity.

What we’ve seen before, for instance where a lot of work goes into the rear bumper and fascia of such concept cars is absent here. Instead, the designers choose a clan brief behind, with thin fascia where light lies on the edge.

Inside,it is a magnificent work of art with the upholstery accentuated with fine leather on every inch. This is simply a future that has been thoroughly imagined and brought to us before time.

Image Source: Mario Puskar / Shutterstock

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