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Checkout The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport T50S Hommage

Image Source: Mr . Crocodile / Shutterstock

Production of the Bugatti Chiron is coming to an end, and while everyone is anticipating its successor, Bugatti’s Sur Mesure department has unveiled a remarkable homage to one of Bugatti’s iconic race cars. This special edition draws inspiration from the Type 50S, a historic Bugatti racer that competed six years prior to the 1937 24 Hours of Le Mans. The new Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, aptly named ‘Hommage T50S,’ pays tribute to this legendary vehicle.

A customer approached Jascha Straub, Bugatti’s lead Sur Mesure designer, with a special request for a custom black-on-black Chiron Super Sport to commemorate Bugatti’s racing history. During the design process, the customer was captivated by the story of the Type 50S, a car that Bugatti raced in the 1931 Le Mans with three black chassis, deviating from the traditional French racing blue.

All three vehicles displayed promising performance, showcasing impressive speed on the long stretches. Despite having a chance to win, one of the cars experienced a tire blowout at high velocity, leading to a tragic crash off the track. Bugatti made the decision to withdraw the two remaining cars, including chassis no. 50177, the inspiration for the modern-day Super Sport homage, to prevent any further incidents. The tale of 50177, adorned with the number ‘5’ during its 1931 Le Mans race, served as the foundation for a creative journey for both the customer and Jascha, sparking the concept of the Chiron Super Sport that started taking shape on paper.

The Sur Mesure version of the Bugatti Chiron Type 50S pays tribute to the original 1931 model. It features a sleek black finish with a number ‘5’ on both sides and ‘Le Mans 1931’ script near the rear wheel arch. A detailed representation of the Circuit de la Sarthe from 1931 is discreetly placed under the rear spoiler by Bugatti experts.

The Type 50S design showcased its advanced dual-overhead cam engine, which was showcased in an intricately decorated engine bay with a unique engine-turned pattern called “Perlée.”The Bugatti brand has always been synonymous with attention to detail, a trait that Ettore Bugatti himself valued greatly. Jascha and the team were deeply committed to ensuring that every detail was meticulously crafted, reflecting the brand’s ethos of finding beauty in every aspect. Recreating the intricate engine-turned pattern to meet the exacting standards of the Sur Mesure team was a complex and challenging process. Each circular design had to align perfectly, with precise proportions and durability to withstand high temperatures and daily usage for decades to come. This dedication to perfection is evident in every Sur Mesure commission, showcasing the meticulous effort put into achieving a flawless result time and time again.

The luxurious black interior of the vehicle, accented with touches of aluminum and “Perlée,” is elegantly lit by the optional Sky View glass roof, offering a glimpse of the exhilarating open-air experience reminiscent of the original Type 50S. Paying homage to the historic car’s legendary performance at Le Mans, hand-applied depictions adorn each door panel, while ‘Le Mans 1931’ is expertly stitched into the headrests of both the driver and passenger seats.

“Ettore and Jean’s early 1930s vision for powerful Bugatti race cars marked the Type 50S lineage. Chassis 50177 holds a significant place in our history. It was a privilege to work with a passionate customer to pay homage to this racing legend. The meticulous attention to detail ensured our tribute remained true to the Type 50S story while upholding Bugatti’s exceptional standards,” shared Jascha Straub, Lead Designer Sur Mesure.

Hendrik Malinowski, Managing Director, Bugatti Automobiles, expressed his enthusiasm for the Bugatti Chiron Type 50S homage project. He stated that although this model may not carry the same renown as the Atlantic, the Royale, or the Type 35, the team successfully conveyed their passion for the Type 50S to a customer who appreciated its significance. The Sur Mesure team, under the leadership of Jascha Straub, collaborated closely with the customer, experts, and craftsmen to create a bespoke project that pays tribute to the iconic Type 50S. Malinowski referred to it not just as a modern design homage but also as a continuation of a legacy that dates back nearly a century.

Image Source: Mr . Crocodile / Shutterstock

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