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The Best Car That You Can Import In 2023 Revealed

Image Source: MRYsportfoto / Shutterstock

As you probably already know, cars over the age of 25 are exempt from NHTSA’s FMVSS compliance, meaning that each new year unlocks some cars previously unavailable to the US market that can soon be legally imported to the United States.

With 2023 just around the corner, we’re here to take a look at some historically important, collectible or just fun and affordable cars introduced in 1998. From French hot hatches to boutique supercars, JDM legends and more, these are ten coolest cars you can import to the US in 2023.

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO V

The luxurious Italian marque Isotta Fraschini is once again making a big comeback so we’re wrapping this list up with a car that heralded the brand’s revival in the late 1990s. Unveiled at the 1998 Paris Motor Show, Isotta Fraschini T8 was one of two concept cars presented by Fissore, the other being a V12-powered Isotta Fraschini T12 grand tourer.

Both cars were designed by Tom Tjaarda, and both heavily relied on Audi’s underpinnings, with the T8 being based on a D2 generation Audi A8. That being said, the T8 used Audi’s 4.2-liter V8, quattro all-wheel drive, as well as large portions of the interior. Now, all prototypes have been saved by Corrado Lopresto, but if the world renowned collector ever decides to let go of any of them in the future, these cars will be able to get US license plates in 2023.

Image Source: MRYsportfoto / Shutterstock

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