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And This Is How Automobile Companies Are Making Their Way For Autonomous Cars!

Image Source: Pixabay

Here comes the autonomous car, not so fast though….

The hype about cars that will “drive themselves” still sounds like an the idea of an aeroplane would in the 15th or 14th century, even though each day we are edging closer to seeing them on the main highway.

To the common man, these are possibilities are still far-fetched. To automakers,it could actually happen soon than we anticipated. But why have goalposts changed continuously? When are we likely to see autonomous cars roll down our streets without a causing a spectre.

Truth is that we are still far from a uncontrolled flow of driverless cars. One of the reasons attributed to the several changes is that unlike any other technology, autonomous cars depend on humongous amounts of data.Yet, the nature of data is such that there are always frequent changes, and programming autonomous cars to absorb this data with its unending changes is no child play.

Consider, for instance a couple autonomous cars meeting at a busy roundabout. Are they able to pass the message within miliseconds and allow the correct road user to have their way?

Investment in research and development of autonomous cars has reached peak levels and there seemingly is no cap limit.Is it unrenting faith and conviction that has kept companies pumping money into seemingly vague ideas?

An interesting twist to all this affair is the argument by tech companies and auto manufucturers that these vehicles will feature three key elements;they will be driverless, shared and will be electric powered.
Each of these elements already presents daunting challenges to the industry and therefore combining them all is even more twisty.

One thing that is undisputable though is that there shall be autonomous cars on our roads some day. When this will actually materialise is still a matter of speculation.

Image Source: Pixabay

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