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Track-Only Cars Made Street Legal Alongside Regular Road Cars

Image Source: Sport car hub / Shutterstock

It is not unusual for performance car manufacturers to build track-only vehicles alongside their ‘regular’ road cars. These track-only monsters, free of any regulations, are typically extreme in nature, going all out with engine power, aerodynamics and weight savings. They also serve as a test-bed for technologies that may eventually find their way into road cars.

As the name implies, driving track-only vehicles on public roads is illegal. Some owners, however, have found a creative way to get around this. They convert their track monsters to tamer beasts that can be driven in public without attracting the wrath of the law.

Brabham BT62

Technically, this Ferrari F40 LM supercar was not an outright conversion from a track-only model to a street-legal variant. It actually started out as a road F40 car, but the according to reports, the owner was disappointed with the car’s handling and performance. Rather than discard the car, he opted to commission an extensive and comprehensive rebuild to “street-legal” F40 LM specifications.

The project commenced in 2004 and took seven years and over $300,000 to complete. Today, the car sports LM-spec body shells and an upgraded engine, among other improvements. It’s unclear if the owner was pleased with the conversion because the car was put up for sale later with only test miles on the clock after the conversion.

Image Source: Sport car hub / Shutterstock

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