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This 1929 Ford A Model Was Converted Into One-Of-A-Kind Green Machine

Image Source: Pixabay

“The public literally stop in their tracks and follow the car with their eyes as I go past,” said 56 year old Graham Duffy, a toolmaker and precision engineer who spent a colossal sum working in a 1929 Ford A Model turning int into an enviable “green machine”.

With the kind of noise it make and the whole lot of looks it carries, anyone is justified to stop and give it a second look. The hot rod carries a 5.7 liter, 230 horsepower engine and is built on a chassis that Graham carefully selected.

He turned to the internet for a classic chassis and shell – eventually striking gold with an original 1929 Ford Model A body found on an hot-rod forum. Duffy says, “I had always intended to build a hot rod but kept putting it off. Then near on three years ago I had a mild heart attack. It made me realize I couldn’t keep putting things off and I decided I had to make a start on this car.”

Graham teamed up with Jerry Denning of Bristol Hotrods to fulfill his vision. Jerry built the custom chassis and put the bulk of the vehicle together.

Much of the work was outsourced through Jerry’s contacts while Graham came up with the ideas, as well as building the one-off parts himself. Having sold his two Corvettes to fulfill his dream, Graham doesn’t regret the decision at all, calling this “an individual car”.

“The Corvettes were nice but they were more of a standard vehicle. This is a truly individual car.”

Image Source: Pixabay

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