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There’s A Reason Why Most Celebrities Still Love The Classical Mercedes Benz SSK

Image Source: Pixabay

Beginning Of Daimler-Benz Union With An Great Machine

This is not the kind of car for which you easily find words to express. It is better experienced raw by taking it on the road, listening to its sounds and having a one-on-one interaction.

The exterior, to begin with, is a provocative, inviting theatrical work of art. After all, it comes from a time when classical theatre performances were revered. This car was in 1927 just a short period after the merger of Daimler and arch-rival Benz.

The S would soon be followed by the SS, both cars being the brainchild designs of none other than the legendary Dr. Ferdinand Porsche. The following year, 1928, Porsche was to build a special car for famed drive Rudi Caracciola to test out in hill climbs.

This car would become the SSK and became a race and production car as well. With an incredible 300 hp, this car was deserving sports performer in its days. It toppled many sales records around the globe.

Although only 31 SSKs were built within three years, the car had become notoriously famous and it was the preferred car for many celebrities. It would seem that its journey to perpetual fame had come.

In 1931, the equally benevolent SSKL (“L” for Leicht or light) was introduced. There were never production examples to hit the road but they were built strictly for competition.

There are a number of striking historical elements about this car. One, it would become the last design for Porsche as a Daimler-Benz engineer for he fell out with the management sooner and made a rather noisy departure. However, he had already stamped its existence into the annals of history and that’s where it still belongs.

Image Source: Pixabay

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