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The New Cupra Formentor Concept Is The Next Stage Of SUV

The Forward-Thinking Cupra SUV

As things stand, the overwhelming majority of buyers in the C-segment SUV category are families looking for space, practicality, fuel economy and value for money. Whereas most automakers are getting it right and unleashing just the corresponding cars for this segment others are capturing the future with amazing products that will impressively traverse a whole generation.

Having taken time to come around and therefore being able to learn how the industry is rolling, the Cupra Formentor concept combines several grand elements. For a start, it uses a plug-in hybrid powertrain linking a battery and electric motor to a 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine.

However, when the production car launches sometimes in the year 2020, it’ll be offered with the Cupra Ateca’s 296bhp 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine too. A sloping roofline is just one of the exterior curves that make the Formentor provocative.

Add the sharp smooth curves of the sides, well-outlined rear and a two-tone body finish this Cupras crowning. The front grille takes cues from its sister the larger Seat Tarraco SUV, while the rear features a single LED light strip running the length of the car’s boot lid.

Inside, the pair of front bucket seats further reflects the concept’s performance nature, while the digital dashboard and the “floating” 10-inch touchscreen allow the driver to access all the relevant controls and info with ease. Quite evidently, even as a concept car, the Fermentor demonstrates highly competitive abilities.

Image Source: Top Gear

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