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The Armored Range Rover Sentinel Designed By The SVO Unit Is Even Better Now

Image Source|: Pixabay

The Land Rover Sentinel developed by Land Rover Special Vehicles Operations (SVO) is precisely a vehicle meant to protect its occupants against ‘modern and unconventional forms of attack,’ including gunfire and improvised explosive devices. And now, this already fierce car has a new iteration.

To begin with, it now has a over a tonne of amour-plating and reinforced glass to achieve the ballistic and blast certification required for cars of this type. This means a good deal of weight has been added onto this car.

To deal with the extra weight, the V6 petrol engine fitted to the previous Sentinel has been replaced by a version of Jaguar Land Rover’s supercharged 5.0-liter V8 with 374 bhp. This ensures that it hits 10.4-second 0-62 mph time although its top speed is limited to 120 mph.

Inside, the Range Rover Sentinel dons the same high-end luxury as seen on standard top-spec Autobiography models. This new model offer several options for leather and wood, up-to-date twin-screen Touch Pro Duo infotainment, four-zone climate control, and 24-way heated and cooled massage seats all feature.

Full LED lighting features outside, while an optional Black Pack can be specified to replace the model’s chrome-colored exterior details. The 2019 Sentinel can be optionally fitted with a siren and emergency lighting packages, as well as a custom front window that goes down by 150 mm (nearly six inches) for document delivery.

Inside, there’s more headroom and overall better enhanced features on this car.

Image Source|: Pixabay

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