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The All New Renault EZ-Ultimo Concept Shows A Provocative And Overly Futuristic Design

Let’s be honest here: if the Renault EZ-Ultimo concept ever gets to production for the masses, it will be the most breathtaking moving object to ever walk on the tarmac. It is far-fetched, too futuristic and almost unrealistic but among the best concepts to grace the global car industry in the recent past.

Renault says that the concept is suited specifically for shared autonomous mobility. In addition, it is fully electric and incorporates loads of robotic operations.

But the French brand has pushed the boundaries further saying that it aims to give passengers “first-class lounge” experience. In other words, its all about getting a premium ride as would be experienced in a five-star hotel, airline or your beloved premium resort.

The idea, therefore, is to capture both high-net-worth global residents as well as service providers who serve the high-net-worth individuals. Inside and outside the Renault EZ-Ultimo, oozes extravagance with surfaces curved out of real marble.

The interior further takes pride in wood paneling as well as leather and lots of lights coming with dimmer knobs. This car is made for three passengers who are made to feel more at home with all the tailored components including one swivel chair.

With this concept, Renault epitomizes a vehicle that delivers it’s long-held leaning towards “French Design” as well as “Easy Life.” It is delivered in the best of French tastes.

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