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Royalty Meets Adventure: The 1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom for the Maharaja!

Image Source: Pixabay
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In the early stages of 1925, the Maharaja of Kota approached Barker and Co., Ltd. in London, the preferred coach-builder for Rolls-Royce chassis at the time, to customize a Rolls-Royce New Phantom (also known as Phantom I) for use as the primary hunting vehicle on his estate. This opulent car was specially designed for hunting Bengal tigers and other wild game in India.

The Maharaja, a passionate big-game hunter who ruled in Kotah from 1889 to 1940, had this unique car tailored to his requirements for hunting excursions on his vast private estate. Accompanied by monarchs, global leaders, and industrial tycoons, the Maharaja’s hunting adventures were a grand affair.

This bespoke vehicle came equipped with special features for big-game hunting, including two sizable Stephen Grebel searchlights mounted on the front and rear of the car. These searchlights could pivot from left to right, aiding in spotting and surprising game. Additionally, a Tapley gradient meter and a nickel-plated snake horn were included in the car’s instrumentation.

To navigate challenging terrains, the car was fitted with extra-tall tires and a low gearing ratio, allowing the substantial vehicle to maneuver through mud and vegetation effortlessly. The Maharaja’s Rolls-Royce hunting special was powered by the standard New Phantom OHV straight six-cylinder engine with a displacement of 7668 CC (467 cubic inches) paired with a four-speed manual gearbox. Originally painted grey, the car later received a regal red or vintage arsenal color scheme.

Image Source: Pixabay

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