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Peugeot 508 Introduces Impressive Technology Innovations

Image Source: Pixabay

Peugeot is proud of the new Peugeot 508’s emphasis on structural rigidity for better performance. The company is also known for its commitment to developing exceptional hybrid vehicles. Let’s dive into what makes this car stand out.

One of the striking visual updates on the 508 is the frameless side windows, giving it a sleek and sporty appearance that commands attention.

The hybrid version of the 508 combines a 178 bhp PureTech petrol engine with an electric motor and an 11.8 kWh battery, delivering a total power output of 222 bhp. Peugeot guarantees low emissions of 49 g/km and a range of up to 25 miles on pure electric power.

Compared to its predecessor, the new 508 Fastback is 60 mm lower and 80 mm shorter, presenting a more stylish and athletic look. It adopts Peugeot’s updated design language, following in the footsteps of models like the 3008 and 5008.

The renowned Peugeot designer Gilles Vidal has showcased his skills in the design of the 508, incorporating elements from the iconic Peugeot 504 and 504 coupe, symbolized by the 508 badge on the hood.

The 508 features Peugeot’s signature i-Cockpit interior layout, featuring a small steering wheel, a 12.3-inch display, and a 10-inch touchscreen. The eight-speed transmission includes a freewheeling mode between 25 km/h and 130 km/h, enhancing efficiency by up to 3 percent.

Equipped with the world’s most potent 1.6-liter turbocharged engine, offering up to 270 hp, the 508 sets new standards in power and performance.

Image Source: Pixabay

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