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Mercedes-AMG Made Only 55 Units Of The MG GT Black Series P ONE Edition

Image Source: North Monaco / Shutterstock

We’ve only recently seen the first AMG GT Black Series P ONE Edition being delivered to a client in the USA, and today we’ve got a potentially even more interesting car from Affalterbach to show you, the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series, and while the P ONE Edition came with a $60,000 premium over the regular AMG GT Black Series, the P ONE Edition was reserved for those VIP customers that had an order in for the Mercedes-AMG hypercar, the Project One, a car they bought back in 2017 and that hasn’t been delivered yet, but with the latter being limited to 275 units (all sold out mind you), the production of the AMG GT Black Series P ONE Edition would also be limited to that number, how many have been ordered in the end isn’t known yet, but it does make this new Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series even more interesting as only 55 units will be made, as an homage to 55 years of Mercedes-AMG.

Unfortunately, you’ll not be able to walk into your local Mercedes-AMG dealer and order one of the 55 Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series, global sales are being handled directly from Affalterbach, the Mercedes-AMG HQ, the first units will be delivered to their fortunate clients in the second quarter of 2022, and while the press release doesn’t state of all of them are sold out already, chances are that not too many remain by the time you are reading this, so if you want to add a Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series as a track toy to your garage, which probably already has a Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series in it, you might want to act quick.


Image Source: North Monaco / Shutterstock

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