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McLaren 720S Editions Celebrating McLaren’s Historical Milestone

Image Source: Unsplash

McLaren Brussels commissioned McLaren Special Operations (MSO) to create a set of three unique McLaren 720S Coupés to commemorate a significant moment in McLaren’s history. These custom-made 720S models are part of the exclusive Super Series by the renowned luxury sportscar and supercar manufacturer, paying tribute to McLaren’s first Grand Prix victory 50 years ago, with founder Bruce McLaren behind the wheel.

Back in 1968, Bruce McLaren achieved his team’s inaugural Formula 1 win at the Belgian Grand Prix in Spa-Francorchamps, driving a McLaren M7A painted in the iconic Papaya Orange color scheme. Fast forward to the present day, the McLaren 720S Spa 68 Collection acknowledges this historic milestone with a distinct design that will captivate motorsport enthusiasts worldwide.

Each of the three McLaren 720S Spa 68 Collection vehicles features a bespoke Anniversary Orange paint scheme from MSO, meticulously crafted to mirror the hue of the 1968 race car. The car also showcases a silver outline of the famous 14 km Spa-Francorchamps track, used during the 1968 race, located in front of the rear wheel arch and embroidered on the headrest.

The Extended Carbon Fiber Sill Covers from the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) Defined range bear an inscription commemorating Bruce McLaren’s first McLaren F1 victory at the Belgian Grand Prix on June 9, 1968. Even the ignition keys are personalized, painted in Anniversary Orange with “Spa 68” text in silver.

Each car includes a unique number on a dedication plaque, adding to the exclusivity and charm of these remarkable vehicles, making it a fantastic way to honor a piece of remarkable craftsmanship.

Despite drawing inspiration from their predecessors, the modern 720S models offer superior performance and cutting-edge technology.

Image Source: Unsplash

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