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Here Comes The Widest Van In The World

Image Source: Pixabay
On several occasions, we’ve pointed out that the best is yet to come and the “crazy side of humanity” is yet to be fully explored. This is especially true when you consider all the hype, man hours and money spent building cars that distinguish themselves in all ways.

To get a better insight of just how willing human mind can be stretched, see what artist Ivan Benic made-the widest van in the world. It was a dream he toyed around with for some time.

It all begun around 1974, but actual work kicked off two years later. The 68-year-old told explains “In 1976 we took a straight Chevy van and basically we chopped it six inches, but then we took a 69 Vista Cruiser station wagon with the roof, which had a really nice glass in it and we put it up in the roof, which kind of made it tall again.”

This man was so crazy about this idea that at one point he spent a whole night working on it, barely taking a nap in the wee hours of the night. He says, “I had four guys working for me at the time. They went home and the next morning they found me sleeping on the rear panel of the van on the floor and the front end was finished, I did the whole nose in one night.”

This is not your ordinary creation. It is a vehicle that weighs an immense 10,400 lbs and stands about 6 ft. It is also able to fuss a whole 400 horsepower.

As you might guess, this is one extremely valuable collection in the artist’s gallery. Asked whether he could sell it, Benic said; “It’s worth a lot to me, it’s like mechanic’s 10000 dollar tool box is everything to them, so I won’t even consider selling them until I am ready to go and park myself on the beach with a pinna colada.”

Image Source: Pixabay

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