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Aston Martin’s Has a Big New Announcement For Summer 2023

Image Source: Unsplash

Aston Martin is gearing up for a big change in its current line-up. The British carmaker is set to announce a slew of new models, including electric vehicles. We can expect more details at the capital markets day for investors later this year. Meanwhile, Aston Martin could announce the electric car this summer.

New cars expected at Aston Martin

Currently, Aston Martin is testing out the DB11’s successor. We have already seen the spy images of the  DB11’s replacement earlier this year. Aston Martin will officially unveil it later this year.

Then, we also have the Vantage and the DBS due for a refresh. Amongst these trio, the DBS is the oldest and will be the first car to be announced. DBS will also be the first to hit the shelves amongst the three. Aston Martin launched the DBS back in 2016. It is now over 7 years old. Aston Martin could surprise us and bring in an all-new generation DBS than just a facelift.

Leadership change at Aston Martin

Lawrence Stroll replaced Andy Palmer as the Aston Martin chairman recently. After this move Stroll cancelled the Rapide E and Lagonda – two EV projects from the British carmaker. Instead, the company will now make two new EVs, albeit one will be a sports car while the other will be an SUV. The new EV could see the light of the day by 2025.

Aston Martin will also have an announcement with regards to pure ICE cars, hybrid cars and finally the electrics and their timelines (for new launches as well as discontinuations) this summer.

Positive finances at Aston Martin

One of the key enablers of the new Aston Martin is the news of positive quarterly reports. Aston Martin reported a profit of US$ 7.9 million last quarter. This means the car maker can now focus on new electric vehicles. The first electric vehicle from the brand could already be under development but now has got that much-needed push.

Internal reports have been positive with regards to volume of the cars sold. Last year the company sold 6,400 units; for 2023, the car maker is expecting no less than 7,000 units. The company also expects the DBX to sell in the highest numbers.

Image Source: Unsplash

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