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Cadillac 2022 XT6 Premium Luxury AWD Review

If you are in the market for one of the most luxurious vehicles on the market today, the Cadillac 2022 XT6 Premium Luxury AWD should be perfect for you. This three-row SUV is probably the only model available for those that do not have the money for the Escalade and will give you some incredible luxury as a driver.

Having had the opportunity to test drive the Cadillac 2022 XT6 Premium Luxury AWD, it is easy to see why many people would fall in love with it. The unique exterior stylish is one of the most prominent features and jumps at you, while the upgrade in tech features will help give you comfort and luxury like no other.


As mentioned, the exterior is one of the first things you will notice and it jumps at you. Compared to similar SUV models, it looks more luxurious and feels like an expensive car. It has the traditional Cadillac nose that you would expect with many of these vehicles and the twenty-inch wheels certainly gives you elevation.

The model is available in a slightly more streamlined sports model that will include 21-inch wheels and traditional rims that look like the vehicle is expensive. We should mention that is one of the larger models of SUV on the market and if you need to use it in confined spaces, you might run into a couple of issues.


The interior varies from model to model and you have the opportunity to choose between the 7-seater and the 8-seater when purchasing the car. The addition of the third row offers exceptional spacing and when you consider the trunk, you have plenty of storage space. Around 25-suitcases can be crammed into the Cadillac 2022 XT6 Premium Luxury AWD.

Leather seats will give you the feeling of luxury, but when you upgrade to the Premium trim, you can add seat warmers to the package. The seat warmers are not only for the front of the vehicle and even the rear includes these. 14-inch speakers will give you optimal sound and save you from having to add a different sound system.

The infotainment system includes a display of 8-inches in width and includes numerous good features like satellite navigation. The android auto integration package and Apple Car Play make it easier to connect your devices for music purposes. Onboard Wi-Fi and wireless smartphone charging are the real kickers to add more internal luxury.


When buying your Cadillac 2022 XT6 Premium Luxury AWD, you have the option of the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that delivers a whopping 237 HP in power. However, those that need a little more kick can opt for the V6 engine that boasts an impressive 310 HP. Both these models come with a 9-speed automatic transmission.

Another choice you will have to make is having the front-wheel-drive model or the All-Wheel Drive model. I had the opportunity to test the AWD model and should mention how impressive the handling of the vehicle is. The agility is impressive and driving around corners can be a fun and comfortable experience with the car.

Special Options/Package

Aside from the different engines, you can choose from and the additions of the engines to performance, the car is available in three different trims. The traditional luxury trim is entry-level and will offer you plenty of great features. However, the premium luxury trim includes all the luxurious features you would want on the inside.

The Cadillac 2022 XT6 Premium Luxury AWD also comes with a Sports Version. However, the only significant change is the chassis. Some of the chassis features will make the handling slightly better around corners and if you drive at faster speeds. However, it is not the best financial option if you only need an SUV.


Like many modern vehicles, the Cadillac 2022 XT6 Premium Luxury AWD comes with a host of driver assistance features and these will ensure that you know what is happening. Changing lanes without using the indicator will sound a beep that will let you know. It also comes with an automatic brake when the vehicle detects a possible impact.

Adaptive cruise control and the addition of night vision are available. However, these are considered extra options and you will need to ask for these to be included. Fortunately, the Cadillac 2022 XT6 Premium Luxury AWD is one of the safest vehicles if you want something durable to keep you protected when driving.


With three different models to choose from, it can be daunting to find the model you like the most. While the Sports trim is a great option for those that love agility, it is not worth the additional costs. It also lacks slightly when it comes to other brands like the BMW X5. However, it is still worth the price for the Premium Luxury model.

At the time of writing this article, the MSRP for the Luxury model is around $49,690. However, the model we recommend will set you back about $54,090. Adding all of the different specs that could give you more luxury should set you back around $70,340, which might seem expensive, but will give you good value.

In terms of fuel consumption, you are looking at around 18 MPG in the city and 25 MPG on the highway. The average would come out at around 21 MPG for the total different trips you could do. Due to the high fuel consumption, you will be spending around $2000 more in fuel costs over 5-years compared to the average new vehicle.


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