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BMW’s Next Hydrogen Car Project Will Definitely Save Our Planet

Image Source: Unsplash

The motor world requires quite a good measure of forward-thinking on a constant scale. You have to be better than average and in many cases work against the grain.

Hydrogen-powered cars aren’t really a new thing or a new idea after all. However, when a conglomerate the size of BMW picks up the idea and decides to run with it, then you have to pay attention.

The Bavarian brand confirmed through its CEO in 2017 that it would be producing hydrogen-powered cars by 2021. It has to be remembered that in late 2000s BMW hinted of its Hydrogen 7 that was linked to the 760Li model.

Its main distinguishing feature was the two tanks for hydrogen and the other one for gasoline. The Hydrogen 7 carried a 6-liter V12 engine that went through modifications to accommodate both fuels.

It was, however, found to have low efficiency on hydrogen, recording about 5.6 mpg (50 l/100km). This notwithstanding, the car had managed to eliminate carbon emissions.

BMW insists that the development of its Hydrogen powered cars is still in course. The brand’s Motorsport Director, Jens Marquardt recently told one tabloid that there are looking to develop the car for mass consumption and not for the race tracks alone.

He said, “We don’t develop the technology to go racing and not have anything… it’s for production. And we’re looking at what we’re doing for production, for serious projects. Is there anything we can transfer or use racing as a development lab.”

It is a rather exciting project for which the company says tangible fruits may be evidenced going all the way into 2025 when proper fueling infrastructure will have been put in place.

Image Source: Unsplash

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