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2023 BMW iX M60 Review: Discover the Unexpected Brilliance

Image Source: letspicsit / Shutterstock

The 2023 BMW iX is designed for those seeking an electric SUV that breaks away from conventional gasoline models. This fully electric luxury SUV falls into the larger end of the mid-size category by American standards and comfortably accommodates five passengers. Its design stands out significantly compared to competitors like the Audi E-Tron SUV, Cadillac Lyriq, or Mercedes EQS SUV, presenting a more refined alternative to the Tesla Model X’s unique steering yoke and falcon wing doors. The BMW iX impresses with its high scores in comfort, features, and efficiency.

The iX boasts well-proportioned dimensions, although these are somewhat blurred by its distinctive design details. While some may appreciate its eye-catching aesthetics, the BMW iX makes a bold design statement that is both unconventional and challenging. Although the overall proportions and floating-roof design are pleasing, up close, the intricate details and surfacing may appear distorted. Stepping back from the iX and taking in its entirety without scrutinizing every peculiar trim choice or unique features like the large patterned plastic faux-grille coated with self-healing material or the slim taillight design, the design comes together more harmoniously.

The BMW iX exhibits a refined and polished demeanor, although those accustomed to BMW’s renowned handling may find it somewhat distant and unexciting. The iX prioritizes composure and comfort over the “ultimate driving machine” thrills. It excels in terms of its exceptional drivetrain, power delivery, ride quality, and overall stability. Despite weighing more than gasoline-powered SUVs of similar size, the iX’s aluminum-space-frame and carbon-fiber construction enable a larger battery capacity, resulting in extended range compared to most electric SUVs in its class.

In the xDrive50i variant, the iX generates a combined 516 hp and 564 lb-ft of torque from its motor system, enabling a brisk 0-60 mph acceleration time of 4.4 seconds. The M60 version of the iX elevates the power output with a dual-power configuration, delivering 532 hp and 749 lb-ft of torque, or in launch mode, 610 hp and 811 lb-ft of torque, achieving a 0-60 mph sprint in around 3.6 seconds. Additionally, the M60 model features M Sport brakes, a unique suspension tune, and an adaptive air suspension.

The iX’s suspension comprises an all-aluminum construction with a front double-wishbone setup and rear multi-link configuration, including individual subframes. Optional features such as rear-only air suspension, electronically controlled shocks, and rear-wheel steering allow for 1.2 inches of height adjustment, lowering the iX by 0.4 inches in Sport mode or speeds above 87 mph, and raising it by 0.8 inches for enhanced clearance.

When it comes to performance, the iX delivers a satisfying driving experience across various scenarios. It offers precise and gentle handling when needed and transforms into a spirited performer in Sport mode. While the brake pedal response may feel somewhat detached, the iX stops precisely as intended. The vehicle offers four modes of regenerative braking, including low, medium, high, and one-pedal driving for enhanced efficiency, along with an adaptive mode that syncs deceleration with surrounding vehicles.

Despite potential trade-offs in driving range with larger wheel sizes, the iX maintains exceptional comfort levels, even with the 22-inch Air Performance bi-color wheels, providing one of the quietest and most serene ride experiences in the luxury SUV segment. All variants of the BMW iX feature dual-motor all-wheel drive.

Equipped with a sizable battery pack and remarkable efficiency, the iX offers impressive driving range capabilities. As an all-electric vehicle, the BMW iX eliminates the need for gasoline and produces zero direct tailpipe emissions. With an efficiency rating of approximately 2.6 miles per kWh in its xDrive50i trim, the iX proves to be efficient in its energy consumption. Opting for the most efficient wheel size configuration can yield up to 324 miles of range from its 106.3-kWh battery pack, surpassing many electric SUVs in its class. In real-world conditions, drivers have reported ranges exceeding 350 miles even during highway driving. Additionally, the iX includes two years of complimentary 30-minute charging sessions on the Electrify America network.

The xDrive50i model offers three distinct wheel sizes, while the high-performance M60 variant comes with two options, each influencing range and efficiency ratings slightly. Opting for the smaller 20-inch wheels maximizes energy efficiency, providing 324 miles of range and 86 MPGe combined. Models equipped with 21-inch and 22-inch wheels offer ranges of 305 and 315 miles, with efficiency ratings of 83 and 86 MPGe, respectively. The M60 variant achieves a range of 288 miles with 77 MPGe using 21-inch wheels, or 274 miles with 76 MPGe with the 22-inch wheels.

With its robust aluminum space frame, carbon-fiber reinforced plastic elements, high-strength steels, and thermoplastic components, the BMW iX promises to be a highly secure vehicle. BMW’s innovative “carbon cage” design enhances safety without compromising on weight. However, due to its niche positioning and unique body structure, the iX may not undergo federal safety testing, potentially delaying assessments by organizations such as the IIHS.

Standard safety features in the iX include automatic emergency braking, blind-spot warning systems, and rear cross-traffic alerts. The Evasion Assistant function assists drivers in maneuvering to an adjacent lane in the event of an impending collision. The available Driving Assistant Professional package adds full-range adaptive cruise control, active lane control, and a system that displays surrounding vehicles and potential safety risks on the cockpit display. The iX offers excellent outward visibility thanks to its low beltline and slender pillars.

Internally, the iX presents a more appealing aspect. Featuring a radically redesigned layout compared to previous BMW SUVs, the interior strikes a balance between functionality and luxury. While certain button and menu placements could be improved for better usability, and standout elements like the hexagonal steering wheel design may polarize opinions, the cabin exudes a welcoming, meticulously designed, and opulently appointed ambiance.

For passengers and cargo alike, the iX excels in providing ample space and comfort to fulfill its upscale family-friendly role. The vehicle impresses with its superior front and rear seating, accommodating five passengers comfortably, along with generous cargo capacity, premium fit and finish, and a tranquil cabin environment. Minor drawbacks such as the occasionally cumbersome frameless doors and somewhat minivan-like view from the front seats do little to detract from the overall comfort-oriented nature of the iX.

The iX offers expansive seating room, accentuated by the spacious floor space and low dashboard, creating an open and airy front-seat environment compared to similar models. Cargo capacity measures 35.5 cubic feet with the rear seats in use and expands to 77.9 cubic feet when folded down. A concealed tray beneath the cargo area floor provides additional secure storage space, while the main cargo area offers ample room for larger items such as groceries or other essentials.

The iX’s modern interface elements, from the exquisite seat adjustment controls to the intuitive shift selector and haptic console buttons, contribute to a sense of novelty and sophistication. Whether perceived as refreshingly unique or overly distinctive for its own sake, the iX stands out as the first BMW SUV to feature frameless doors, offering a secure and well-insulated cabin environment free of wind noise.

The 2023 BMW iX is available in two main variants: the xDrive50i and the M60, with subtle distinctions in trim levels and features, primarily focusing on performance enhancements. Both versions feature the Live Cockpit Plus infotainment system, showcasing a curved display spanning from the instrument cluster to a wide-format 12.3-inch touchscreen with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. The iX earns praise for its

The BMW iX offers a strong base feature set with additional options, along with a 3-year/36,000 maintenance warranty and 8-year/100,000-mile battery warranty.

There are two versions of the iX: Shadowline and Sport. The Shadowline is the base model priced at $86,545 and includes a panoramic roof, Connected Package Pro, and Active Driving Assistant. The Sport, costing $2,800 more, comes with 21-inch Aero bi-color wheels and dark trim.

For added convenience, a $2,300 Convenience package offers features like a head-up display, surround-view camera system, and Harman Kardon sound. The $4,000 Premium package includes multi-functional massage front seats and a 30-speaker Bowers & Wilkins sound system. Radiant heating for $950 is optional, while remote parking controlled via smartphone app showcases BMW’s advanced technology.

The iX M60, starting at $109,720, includes features like panoramic roof, laser headlights, and Bowers & Wilkins sound. With premium colors, upgraded 22-inch wheels, and driver assistance packages, it can surpass $120,000.

The 2023 BMW iX is a remarkable achievement for BMW in the electric vehicle sector. Drawing from its experience with models like the i3, BMW has created a cutting-edge vehicle with advanced technology, powerful powertrains, and impressive driving dynamics, setting a new standard for EVs.

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