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2022 Honda Civic Si Review

2022 Honda Civic Si Sedan HPT
2022 Honda Civic Si Sedan HPT Review

While I test drove the 2022 Honda Civic Si, I found many great things about it that will make it a popular choice. The overall smooth acceleration and driving capability impress while you are behind the wheel, with overall comfort and ease of use.

The cabin is also very quiet to give you that cozy and rustic feel of a very comfortable interior. You will also feel at home with the overall interior and exterior design we are so used to regarding Honda vehicles.


The exterior of the 2022 Honda Civic Si is only available in the sedan trim and comes with a sleek new look. Everybody will love the overall style of the all-new Honda Civic Si with all the great changes to improve the overall display.


  • The overall style of the 2022 Civic Si is a more mature look with a launch color of blazing orange metallic
  • With a little more restrained front facia, it looks a bit more tamed
  • A honeycomb mesh grille rounds the face off to a nice overall display
  • Full LED headlights are standard and come with automatic high beam options with a black theme around it
  • The overall black trim at the front gives the new Civic Si a darker, sinister look and feel
  • With chrome added around the headlights, it stands out a bit more for a nice overall impression
  • You will also notice that the vehicle is a bit lower and wider with a nice streamlined side profile
  • The matt black finish 18 Inch wheels are standard on the Civic, while the brakes are upgraded
  • A black flat spoiler at the back replaces the standard wing spoiler for that sinister feel
  • You also have LED tail lights and brake lights
  • The overall design of the tail is also a bit restrained for the darker look
  • It comes with the true dual exhaust setup, which reduces the back pressure by around 30 percent



The interior of the 2022 Honda Civic Si comes with quite a roomy and airy interior which provides a bit more light to the cabin.


  • When you get into the Civic, the door has a nice solid sound and feel when you close it
  • Entry is via the smart key access method as it is standard with all Honda vehicles
  • The seats come with a robust and aggressive but still comfortable two-tone red and black fabric upholstery
  • With a manual six-way adjustment of the driver seat, it is relatively comfortable with easy access to the controls
  • The seats are also large, and both front and back seats have a lot of feet space for a more comfortable fit
  • There is a lot of red accent in the interior to make the overall interior display a bit nicer
  • Standard controls can be found inside the driver’s door and on the comfortable steering wheel
  • The overall impression of the interior is durability and a roomy atmosphere
  • The cargo space is the same as the standard sedan size of around 14.4 cubic feet
  • With the back seats folding down in the standard 60/40 configuration, you can add more cargo space



The 2022 Honda Civic Si comes with a 1.5L I-Vtec turbo-charged engine with a power output of around 200 HP. It also comes with a 6-speed manual gearbox with a fuel economy of 27 mpg in the city and 37 on the highway.


Special Options/Package

The 2022 Honda Civic Si comes with a nice sunroof and a nice chrome trimming on the side profile.



The 2022 Honda Civic Si is loaded with the standard safety features you would expect from this class of family vehicles. You have standard brake and accident prevention assistance together with the airbags where you expect them.



The 2022 Honda Civic Si may not be the flashiest vehicle on the market, but it provides pure driving pleasure. It is also quite affordable, with a starting MSRP of only $27,300. This is a vehicle most people will love to drive.


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