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1936 Duesenberg SSJ Speedster: A Popular and Expensive Classic Car from Before the War

In the world of cars, just like in fashion or entertainment, there are times when products shine at their brightest. During these moments, these products become luxurious, expensive, and highly esteemed, reserved for those in society who can afford them.

Duesenberg was a manufacturer known for creating powerful, elegant, and highly admired cars favored by the elite. The Duesenberg SSJ Speedster is the car of interest in this discussion.

Back in December 1928, more than 90 years ago, the company boldly labeled this car as “The World’s Finest Motor Car” in an advertisement. Looking at its grand design, they might have been right. In those days, a car producing a remarkable 265 horsepower from a straight-eight engine was considered impressive, dominant, and highly esteemed. It was truly one of the most coveted vehicles money could buy.

The landscape changed when the SJ model arrived shortly after, boasting 320 horsepower. However, it was the introduction of the Duesenberg SSJ Speedsters in 1936, with only two ever made, that truly stood out. This particular model was exceptional for its 125-inch wheelbase and a distinctively lightweight sporty body.

The engineering process behind achieving such high performance and energy levels was an impressive feat of the era. An owner of a Duesenberg SSJ recently described it as “The thing about a Duesenberg SSJ, is that it’s an entirely different animal from the J or SJ. It’s an extremely charismatic product.”

In August 2018, one Duesenberg SSJ was auctioned for a staggering $22 million, making it the most expensive prewar car ever sold at an American auction.

Image Source: Namaste Car

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