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Discover the New McLaren Artura – A High-Performance Marvel

Image Source: Veyron Photo / Shutterstock

The McLaren Artura introduces a cutting-edge High-Performance Hybrid powertrain that raises the bar for performance, drawing on the tradition of high-performance hybrid technology established by the groundbreaking McLaren P1TM and the Speedtail Hyper-GT. Independent reviews of this remarkable new McLaren are now available, shedding light on its outstanding features.

Crafted entirely from the ground up and guided by McLaren’s emphasis on super-lightweight engineering, the Artura embodies every characteristic McLaren is known for, offering faster throttle response, reduced emissions, and the capability to operate in pure EV mode thanks to its groundbreaking electrified powertrain. Notably, the Artura is the premier model constructed on the innovative McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA), contributing to its remarkable designation as the lightest dry weight car in its class at 1,395kg and a DIN curb weight of 1,498kg.

The pinnacle of the Artura is its brand-new 3.0-liter V6 internal combustion engine. The twin-turbocharged M630 unit, set at a 120-degree angle, not only delivers unparalleled performance but also allows for an exceptionally compact design. The concept of a 180-degree angle was contemplated but discarded due to the potential increase in the crankshaft’s height and, consequently, the car’s center of gravity. The V6’s wide angle enables the turbochargers to be positioned within the cylinders in a ‘hot vee’ layout, promoting efficiency by adopting a less constricted exhaust configuration. Producing 585PS and 585Nm of torque, the new V6 engine is not only 190mm shorter and 220mm narrower than McLaren’s twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 but also 50kg lighter.

Let’s delve into the impressions of some renowned test drivers regarding the McLaren Artura, starting with AutoTrader, who describes it as ‘the silent assassin’:

Image Source: Veyron Photo / Shutterstock

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