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Top 5 Highest-Paying Microsoft Azure Certifications

Taking advantage of the opportunities that Phoenix TS provides will assist you with gathering all the knowledge and skills you’ll need for certification. If you’re thinking about getting Microsoft Office certified, you may be wondering how a credential can benefit your career. Some of these are general knowledge, but remember that some of the questions will have “from-the-book” answers specific to Microsoft. You’ll want to know what Microsoft thinks is the right answer to questions about compliance, benefits, and pricing.

If you want to manage Microsoft 365 groups alongside Exchange Online, this is highly recommended. The Microsoft certification ensures that the holder has some experience with and a thorough understanding of the Software as a Service Cloud model and general Cloud services. This Microsoft certification demonstrates the skills that organizations typically seek.

Snapshot: Top 5 Highest-Paying Microsoft Azure Certifications in North America*

That is to say, Microsoft MS-900 practice tests are important because they allow you to identify your weak and strong points. So, by practicing, you will be able to improve your answering skills, resulting in significant time savings. Furthermore, the best time to begin doing practice tests is after you have completed one full topic, as this will serve as a revision component for you.

Some of the exam does focus on implementing Microsoft 365 cloud systems, but most of it centers on knowledge about Microsoft 365 service options and how they differ from other service vendors. Job roles that may benefit from the MS-900 certification include IT support specialist, cloud administrator, technical support engineer, and systems administrator, among others. The certification can also open up opportunities for roles related to sales, marketing, and business development in the technology industry.

Salary and Career Prospects

Another great way MS-900 can help you advance your IT career is by commanding and identifying the core services and concepts for Microsoft 365. Your knowledge should include the ability to identify Microsoft 365 core services. As a result, you should comprehend what it means to deploy and support Windows and Office. Be able to work with the core principle of the cloud services, offered by Microsoft.

microsoft 365 fundamentals salary

Phoenix TS’ Microsoft 365 Fundamentals course provides foundational knowledge on the benefits of adopting cloud services and the Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud model. The MS-900 relates specifically to Microsoft 365’s capabilities in productivity and teamwork, business microsoft 365 fundamentals management, and security and compliance. If your job responsibilities include configuring or even choosing those sorts of services for your network, you might consider the MS-900. The MS-900 is targeted at non-technical business users and entry-level administrators.

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