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The Honda NSX Type R is one car that will change driving

Image Source: Unsplash

The Acura NSX is, by all means, a radiant car that is capable and gifted in a lot of ways. It is the car accredited for bringing VTEC to the rest of the world.

Is the gear shift is still highly acclaimed? When the Japan-focused NSX Type R (or NSX-R) first came around in 1992, it made a bold statement that indeed the engineers at Honda were never asleep and that they meant serious business.

And now the 2020 NSX Type R is something that will take everything to the next level. Its poised to get hotter is heavily amped-up and might even bring around an electrified version of the supercar.

More info claims that the NSX will get the “Type R” suffix in and carry it along for the long future. It is said that it will be capable of no less than 650 horsepower, which is in excess of 77 hp over the standard NSX.

The NSX is expected to pair a three-pedal row-your-own gearbox with a relatively complex drivetrain. It is the NSX’s twin-turbocharged, which is significantly hybridized V-6. It is highlighted as one of the most impressive works of engineering.

What the Honda NSX aims to achieve is a feat that is quite extraordinary. However, the determination that Honda has had over the years demonstrates that it is truly achievable.

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