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Infiniti QX60 Review: Exquisiteness, Extravagant And Simply Amazing

Image Source: Unsplash

When competition is stiff and the demand is high, any automaker may be tempted to do a half-baked thing for the market. And there are indeed several examples of cars that just don’t hit the mark.

With the Infiniti QX60, its a totally different affair as luxury, comfort, and performance are all wrapped into one cool, nice, sporty car. The QX60 has simplified its interior yet still manages to keep it sufficiently luxurious.

We are talking of quilted creamy leather seats, moon roofs, and light wood all the way to the third row thus making it feel bigger and more spacious. A sizable 8.0-inch touchscreen comes as standard and you can add rear-seat entertainment as well as onboard Wi-Fi for further convenience.

This car carries a 295-hp 3.5-liter V-6 that rolls the front wheels but you can as well opt for an all-wheel drive. It is mated to a CVT(continuously variable automatic transmission).

Infiniti’s CVT is a good working unit that can be worked with automated or manual mode With the manual mode, the driver has seven preset ratios to play around with. There is also a dial on the center console that is used to swap between four driving modes: Standard, Sport, Snow, and Eco.

This is a previously spacious sedan that utilizes all its gifted faculties for the optimal benefit of occupants. With all the 2019 revisions, it is certain that this car will make heads roll.

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