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2022 Toyota Sienna Review

# 2022 Toyota Sienna Review

This article describes the experience of driving the 2022 Toyota Sienna Limited on a road trip from Phoenix to Lake Tahoe. The reviewer had a diverse group of passengers, ranging from a 3-year-old to a wheelchair-bound young adult, and shared their positive impressions of the vehicle.

The Toyota Sienna proved to be exceptionally comfortable for long journeys, with rear seats that recline fully and have a footrest. The climate control system efficiently cooled the vehicle even in hot weather conditions. Nighttime driving was made easier with automatic light adjustments, reducing the need to manually switch between high and low beams.

One highlight was the ample storage space in the front of the van, which accommodated snacks, beverages, electronics, and personal items without encroaching on legroom. Despite initial concerns about minivans, the reviewer praised the Sienna’s exterior design, which resembles an SUV more than a traditional minivan.

The fuel efficiency of the Sienna was impressive, achieving an average of 36 MPG on the trip, far surpassing expectations. The vehicle’s performance on mountain terrain and its overall gas mileage solidified its status as a top choice for road trips and daily driving.

The article further details the exterior, interior, engine/powertrain, and safety features of the 2022 Toyota Sienna Limited, highlighting its spacious interior, comfortable seats, advanced climate control system, entertainment options, hybrid powertrain, drive modes, and safety technologies.

In conclusion, the reviewer highly recommends the 2022 Toyota Sienna Limited for families and individuals seeking a spacious, comfortable, and fuel-efficient vehicle for both long trips and daily use. The MSRP for the test vehicle was $49,930, with base models starting at $35,280.

For more information on the 2022 Toyota Sienna, visit [Toyota’s official website](

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